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    Kinda got myself into a little bind that maybe some of you can help me out with. To encourage "new" players into the sport, I've often suggested that they purchase a cheap racquet because most don't want a big outlay of money just to try something out. I've often suggested a Wal-Mart Wilson racquet that is marked tour110 - yellow thing but think its now orange.

    The racquet retails (believe it or not) for somewhere in the fifteen dollor range and plays resonability well. I've actually bought some of these racquets and given them away with some balls to get people started in the sport. I don't know what the specs are but its rather light (guess would be around 9.5 oz).

    Now comes the problem. People go out and play for awhile and deceide they want to buy a "higher end" Wilson racquet that has about the same feel. Some have tried demos of Wilsons from TW (and other places) and they tell me they like the cheaper racquet better. The cheaper racquet don't hold up very well if someone starts to hit the ball with any pace - actually they start to rattle which is kinda funny. I'm very familiar with Prince racquets but must admit I don't know a heck of a lot about Wilsons.

    So, any suggestions?
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    I am now playing with the prince force 3 lumina which I got at sports authority for about $40 and it plays decent. I'm ready for a smaller headsize so I'm changing racquets. But it was a great racquet to start out on. It allowed me to learn the basics. It didn't overwelming power and had ok control. Just a suggestion, It might be too expensive for you to recommend but I'm not sure.

    Another suggestion would be to let them play with a better racquet after their first one for some time to really see if they like it better. I think if a beginner jumps from a large head (110) to something much smaller and more difficult to play with too soon, they will fall back on their previous racquet because they are comfortable with it and are NOT ready for something more challenging or demanding.(This has happened to me) I think they should play with a beginner racquet(powerful, HH, light) for a while to let them learn how to play well first. Then slowly let them try less powerful frames and smaller headsizes. But don't rush them. I was too into buying a racquet that I liked the looks of and because pros played with it. Rather than something fit my game. I'm going to buy a LM radical becuase of the power rating and the headsize, this will allow me to really put my own power into my shots instead of letting the racquet do it.
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