Wilson RF 12 Pack Elite Racquet Bag 2014


I have just bought this, just curious to know if anyone out there has this, thoughts on the different compartments, is the compartments for specific things, I like to keep my things separated, ideas on what should go where etc, more so the smaller compartments. I appreciate peoples feedback. Also what are peoples thoughts on the infrared DNA bag, I was tossing up about whether to buy this, as I have 3 pro staff RF 97 Laver Cup editions, superb racquet..:)
I have both the red infrared bag that came out in 2018, and the new wilson 15 pack. the new wilson 15 pack is great, amazing compartments, looks fantastic in person and actually function. The DNA isn't great, looks cool but I regret buying it

If you want something good get the 15, they're both great sizes and the new 15 pack is the smallest 15 pack bag i've seen. It's very compact and awesome for storage
I'm just going to guess that this is the one that TforTommy is talking about. He can correct me if I'm wrong:)
Yep that's the one

The quality on the DNA is pretty bad imo, I got it because I thought it was cool, but really the 15 pack is so much a better bag, 3 compartments, the middle is where i store my balls, spare shoes, towel etc etc. you can split it in the middle and have the racquets on either side. Trust me, they're the same price you're going to be so much happier with the 15 pack. It's the same size too. It's awesome, nice and compact, isn't huge like the old ones :)