Wilson Steam 99S vs Wilson Blade 98(16x19)


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Please help me here i used to be a Wilson guy, i played with Wilson Staff, Ultra FPK, Pro Staff 6.0 Dual Tapered Beam then i stoped playing tennis for some years and returned to tennis but using Babolat Aero Pro Drive since 2008 but i never like the feel at all, love the power and spin However i´m playing now with the Blade 98(16x19) and i´m falling in love again but i read that the Steam99S has almost the same Aero Pro Drive power and spin but with Wilson´s touch and feel my question is: Should i try the steam or can you give some advices?
Thanks in advance
I´m a short guy with all court type game and 1hbh.
If you want to go through strings every other day, then the 99s is the way to go. It is a spin demon but not without drawbacks.