Wilson Tennis Bringing Back the 6.1?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Under Ultra Paintjob??!?!?!


Looks like a re-painted Burn 95 which has a similar throat and same PWS pads at 3 and 9.

Guess Wilson is merging the Burn and Ultra lines which seems smart given their never seemed to be a reason for both.


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Wait a sec, why they calling it the "Ultra Tour"?! And linking it with Nishi?

What does that mean for the current ultra tour? Somebody please explain!


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Its ultra tour 95CV. Good old Fukkys on the job again..............

looks like he says it was the burn 95CV. why would you call it the ultra tour though?


I am holding out it’s the 6.1 mold until @moon shot disproves me with his amazing photographic analysis of the beam and throat
From the photos, the PWS beam looks fatter and the bridge beam looks thinner than the 6.1 mold. IMO the white reissued paint job looks better than this awful blue which doesn't look good in gloss.

The white reissued 6.1 was $129.00 and I'm guessing this blue one is gonna be $200+ (cause they invluded CV). I guess they didn't profit enough from teh reissue.


The perimeter weight system is for Wilson’s Prostaff series aka Blade, Ultra Countervail among others. The Ultra Tour is more of a pro stock frame that does not have the PWS.


That is a solid frame. Been playing a good bit with this reissue 6.1 95 18x20. No additional weight required. Weight close to stock RF97. Great racquet.
Mine has leather grip and I like it cause of the thin beams and surprising maneuverability/ease to swing despite its weight.


The 6.1 will be back, it's still so popular. Unfortunately I think we'll have to wait until Fed has retired and they have milked the RF97 for all it worth.

The reissue sold out super fast - maybe too fast and they worried about eating into $250 RF97 sales.


My crystal ball says there is a ultra 95(unknown) and ultra TOUR 95(kei).
Unknown will be endorsing a 6.1 95 mold because ultra 95 is a control c and control V of a 6.1 95 mold.