Wilson Ultra 100 vs Babalot Pure Aero Team


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I got to demo both of the racquets yesterday. Both of them seemed to offer incredible amounts of power. With the Wilson ultra I felt like I had enough power at the baseline but at the net I had good smashes or crappy valleys. I also had amazing serves with the ultra.
I felt like the babalot was a little too light, but it offered lots of power and nice control. But It didn’t works as well with valleys, and serves were fine.
Once you narrow your racquet selection down to 2 choices how do you choose?!



All I did to my pure aero team was added 4 grams of electrical tape across the entire bumper...perfect now..doesn't feel to light now...and has more spin and control..


I prefer the feel of the Team pure aero in my set up compared to the std version..
The lower flex in the easily weighted up Team to the std weight feels good..