Wilson Ultra Countervail 105s vs Steam 105s

I have both,i still like the steam 105s,but fyi i dont understand is i have both steamers red,white,and black,and also the repainted black and yellow,the red one recommends tension 50-67lbs and the black and yellow recommends 50-60lbs,i string the red at 62lbs with luxilon rough,and sometimes i string it up with rough on the mains at 58lbs and gamma glide at 62lbs,i feel the steamer has more power and spin then the ultra,but i get. More control with the ultra,I prefer the steamer over the ultra,but they both will break strings,so i go with the hybrid,the ultra i string it looser at 54lbs mains and 56 cross rough mains and gamma glide cross,or 56lbs rough