Wilson Ultra Pro 16x19


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I finally managed to improve the relationship with my old Ultra Tour.
Some lead at 3&9, weight at the butt, Tecnifibre Ice Code @48 lbs seems to work well for me.
Power and spin could use some improvement so I am looking at the Ultra Pro V4 in 16x19.
Anybody can share some experience/thought?


I just moved to the UP v4 a few weeks ago and love it. It definitely requires plenty of lead but when you have it dialed in its incredible. I have lots of lead at 3, 9, and 12 and tungsten in the trap door. Mine weighs in at 12.3 strung. This racquet has plenty of power and spin for me but like most thin beam racquets you only get what you put into it. I liked the Pro Staff 97 v13 but the UP v4 has a much nicer (more traditional) graphite feel. TBH I think your v3 is the same racquet as the v4 with a different paint job. If you can dial that one in and be happy with it then the v4 will be basically the same. BTW...In case you are looking for a UP v4 in a 1/2 grip I have one. I play with a 3/8 grip but the 1/2 was all I could get when they first came out. I now have two in 3/8 so the 1/2 will stay as a back up or I'd be willing to part with it if you're interested.