Wimbledon 2016 2R: Roger Federer [3] v. Marcus Willis [GBP]

Who will prevail in the official match thread?

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More than most, this fellow would appreciate the toasted bagel.

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Fed at 42% of first serves in ... he needs to improve that significantly.


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Andrew Castle seems to be taking pleasure in taking the **** out of of Marcus Willis, as he obviously doesn't think he deserves to be there or have the honour of playing the mighty Fed. Let's take a look at their respective Wimbledon records:

Marcus Willis best Wimbledon results: 2nd round 2016.
Andrew Castle best Wimbledon results: 2nd round 1987.

Conclusion: Anrew Castle is an idiot, who has forgotten just how crap at tennis he was.


I know we're all making jokes about Willis but remember we are talking about a guy that gives Djokovic and Murray and run for their money and they are far and away the best 2 players in the world right now and Willis is like 700+ places lower in the rankings. Lets just enjoy it for what it is! Federer is in the 3rd round and a guy who probably never in his wildest dreams thought he would be playing on this court, let alone against the best player in the world is his oppenent and can rest easy that he had the honor of playing such a legend.


I think the audience should show some respect. Feel sorry that Fed has to play in this circus.
Totally agree. It looks like exhibition match and fed just can't concentrate on this match. Also Marcus plays like junk baller.
It might be too hash to say this but he is not belong to this level yet. Hope Federer finishes this game quickly and fresh start for next match.