Wimbledon 2017 R3 - [1]Andy Murray vs [28]Fabio Fognini

Who will win?

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Forza Andy!
Andy was very dominant vs Brown. So focused. no fuzz. Fantastic serve. Fantastic at the net. He will be the sturdy scott, not being distracted w Fabios attitude. Fabio should not dear to go to the net.... like ever. He WILL get punished :D

Rod Laver

Murray in 3. He looks pretty good. The fog might provide stubborn resistance and I'd be more wary of him then Brown.


Hip shaking King Mooray in 2.5 hours of clean, error free tennis which will leave the Fog like a calzone with all the toppings trapped inside.

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Murray's game has gone up quite a bit, I always had feeling the best of five format and coming back to Wimbledon would wake him up. He is looking good, and I expect him to win this, his variety on this surface should frustrate The Fog.


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At least 18-19hrs from now before the match starts and the poll was closed already? :eek:

Well at least no one has a chance to vote for Fognini in 3 now. ;)


lol,,,It depends on whether Murray I or Murray II shows up to play, the lesser Murray shows up Fog will win elsewise Murray

3Fees :)


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This is going to be epic. Fognini should have won in Rio as well, being 3-0 up in the decider. Can't wait.

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ojo rojo

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Fogrray. This should be fun
Courts are playing slow.

Hopefully a good match. I expect a cocky display