Wimbledon 2018 QF - Djokovic (12) vs Nishikori (24)

Who will win?

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Where's the poll?
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Not a single chance for Injuredkori, straight sets for Novak and I predict it can be ugly, I think Nishikori, just to make things different, had a little physical problem today. LMAO

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djoko certainly has the h2h...but strange things happen. like thiem destroying djokovic at the French last year.

nishikori is playing close to his best stuff, and novak is rounding into form. Should be a great match.


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Both have shown good forms in this tournament.
Glad that Novak is back on the high-stakes table of tennis, where he belongs. Will he overthrow the Fedal Duopoly for a 2nd time?

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I'm intrigued by this match. Nish was amazing against Kyrios and could make this competitive. Would have to go with Ultron though in 4. 6-3, 5-7, 6-2, 6-4

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Firstly, full credit to Nishikori, because he came out of the most competitive round of 16 section, which had Kyrgios and Zverev in it, and to do it on grass is extra special. His best ever run on grass IMO. However, Djokovic is a man on mission now, he looks hungry, really hungry and he wants to go all the way. Nishikori will have to play the best grass match of his career to take this one from Djokovic, Novak terminates the ninja in 3 or 4 sets.


I'm gonna give this one a miss. We know exactly what the result will be, it's not an interesting match up.

Enjoy the match folks. :)
Why skip? I’m expecting some great baseline rallies. I love the Wimby grass.

Djoker in 4. I also have a bad feeling whenever Nole plays Kei, so let’s see what happens


Novak will roll him unfortunately. Gulbis didnt look to consistent today but t least that wouldve been more entertaining.

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Novak gets the easiest possible opponent on grass in the QF.
Well. All 3 avoid Isner.

I don't think any of Anderson, Delpo or Nishi are a threat, but no doubt Nishi is the easiest.

My guess is this match is match will be on Court 1 after Raonic/Isner, which in case it goes to an extended 5th set, could ruin the scheduling again.

Anyway. Good to see Nishikori back in the QF of a Slam. Weird that it's Wimbledon. Good on him, but the adventure ends here. Djokovic is coming to play. Djoko in 3 easy sets.


You're kidding right?

This is one of the most ideal opposition for Djokovic with a gassed up Nishikori.

Even a C game Djokovic will beat him.
I don't know about that. It's not like Djokovic walks over him, there has been many tough encounters between them although the h2h shows something different. Check Rome lately, very tough match with few margins. The ninja can beat anyone on a great day.

Djokovic has to look out but I'm sure there will be no underrating from his side. He knows Ninja is a quality player.


It's very unclear to me.

Despite recent good runs, they both are on come-back trail, struggling to attain back the last a few % of their top forms.


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I haven't watched Nishikori at Wimbledon but I think on this surface Djokovic looks good enough to beat him. Probably Djokovic in straights.


This will be tougher for Djoko, than what it seems. Nishi is playing great tennis, and taking down big serves. Something also tells me that they don't like eachother all that much, and that Nishi really wants a win against Djoko.

This will go to 4 sets. Dont' know who will win.......I am not kidding.

But if Djoko get's through this, book him in the final. No doubt.