Wimbledon 2019 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Roger Federer [2]

Wimbledon 2019 Champion

  • Djokovic in 3

    Votes: 33 11.3%
  • Djokovic in 4

    Votes: 87 29.8%
  • Djokovic in 5

    Votes: 44 15.1%
  • Federer in 3

    Votes: 17 5.8%
  • Federer in 4

    Votes: 72 24.7%
  • Federer in 5

    Votes: 39 13.4%

  • Total voters


What an amazing game by the defending champion and undisputed world #1. Shows his true class. Hopefully the crowd recognizes this.
You thought losing 2 sets in a tiebreak having been the better player was the peak?

Try losing a 3rd set on a tiebreak after a *5-2 lead.
On a side note, it’s sad that we can’t see this level of tennis from the zverevs and theims of the world. In a way, this is a bad sight. The women’s tour is better off at the moment.


Picked Novak in 5 in the poll. Seems likely to be the result now. Unless Fed can exorcise whatever demons stole his forehand in those two tiebreaks.


Well, Federer had more than enough chances to win the match. He had a break point in the first set which he missed with a bad forehand, then a big choke on the tie break. In the third set he didn't have any chance to convert the setpoint at 5-4, but on the tie break he definitely had chances and again missed them with bad errors. Won the second and fourth sets easy. The loss going to hurt. (Yes, I'm sure he is going to lose the fifth set now. He already looks tired)


The breaks really came from no where in this set. Roger was holding with more difficulty earlier in the set and Djoker more convincing in his service games. I don’t think my heart can take the 5th unfortunately. I literally am feeling pain and I’m not old