Wimbledon 2019 QF : Roger Federer (3) -SUI vs Kei Nishikori(8) -JAP

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ACE of Hearts

Talk Tennis Guru
I'm so nervous. So many other years since 2008 that I would've felt better about it. Not feeling great in 2019.
My heart says fed in 4 but my mind says nadal in 4. The problem with Federer is that he can’t have lapses and he has to be steady when it comes to the backhand.


Bionic Poster
+ves for fed :
played well from 2nd half of 1st set till the end. 2nd set was the best set.
fh was good. hit it aggressively/big when required
serve was good
good at the net

neutral :
some good returns. some bad misses
BH - some good shots, but some unnecessary errors

-ves :
slow start in the 1st set -- 1st half
poor BP conversion in sets 3 and 4.


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Congrats to Federer on becoming the 1st male player to win 100 matches at the same Grand Slam event. Also surpasses Connors with most match wins on grass in the Open era(186). Can't wait for the Fedal semi on Friday.


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I'm looking forward to Federer-Nadal (likely) on its own. I still think Novak wins the whole thing and basically nullifies the result of a Fedal SF though, so it will be one of those things better looked at in hindsight.


Good prep ahead of Nadal revenge match. Federer looked slow at the beginning but was sharp at that last service game lol.