Wimbledon 2019 SF: Roger Federer [2] vs Rafael Nadal [3]

Who makes it to the Final?

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He will deliver a beatdown to Federer, but Nadal might be a little tougher. Still expect a comfortable victory even against Nadal though.
I think Federer will win this match. I don't think Nadal is playing well enough IMO.

The problem is Novak might slaughter Fed in straight sets. It might be a very bad beatdown.
If it were Novak instead of Nadal in this match, Fed would have been 2 sets to love down and every single serve would be coming back.

Novak would have never choked like Nadal did in the TB.
I don't know about the second part. ESPN said that's the first time Federer's been bread sticked at Wimbledon. He must have played bad though to lose a set like that on grass.
He didn't push too hard. I think he was being smart. He knows when Nadal is red-lining... it doesn't matter what you do (unless you also are red-lining). So he took a bit of a mental break... and made sure he would be serving first in the third-set. Lots of guys do this. Especially in best-of-five. Federer has resisted this kind of tactic in past years -- to his demise.

I think it's great he did it.
Fed's backhand is really suffering and he's just gonna have to absolutely fire his serve. He's being handcuffed and it's easy pickings to the FH in the end for Dal.