Wimbledon 88 racquet?

I saw this racquet at a garage sale and bought it cause it looked nice and was only $10
Does anybody have any info on this racquet?
I cant post any pics but its all grey and says GRAPHITE COMPOSITE/88 on the side of the throat

Steve H.

I've hit with one, and it's nice, flexy, very old-school, Deuce would love it. Maybe from the 80's or early 90's ? Well worth putting some new strings on it.

Mike Hughes

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I've got a Wimbledon HM-88, but it is all white with a grey leather grip. It has an 88 square inch head, an 18mm beam, is 27.25 inches long, feels like about a 56 flex (or less), weighs about 11.3 oz, and has a swing weight of 356. Because of the high swing weight and lower static weight, it really plows through balls, but is still relatively maneuverable. It is the best racquet I have played with for 1 handed backhands. Comparably, it plays like a PS 6.0 85 with a larger sweet spot, more stability, more power, and much more flex. I believe the HM stands for high modulus. The racquet looks like late 80's / early 90's vintage and has NO "made in China" decal.


I remember the Wimbledon frames from the 80s. I contemplated buying a couple, but I never did, for some reason. Maybe it was just that that time was the beginning of the 'too many frames to choose from' period... a period which, of course, continues stronger than ever today, unfortunately.