Wimbledon also switched to tiebreaks in final set

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Clay courts consume more energy from players , why can't they change rules for french open also ? , they should make final set tiebreak....
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With 3 of the 4 Slams now operating 5th set tie-breaks in some form or other I feel the French can't be far behind.

They just need Isner to play one of his endless servebot marathons to convince them to join the party. Well, it worked at Wimbledon! :cool:


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For once I have to praise the stubbornness of the French. How can anyone ask the last tournament who plays with an open fifth set to change THAT? I’m not naive so I fear it will only last for a few years, but let us embrace it as long as possible.

And for the haters: It’s clay! What do you think how many matches will go over 12-12 (where Wimbledon has the tiebreak now)? It will be at most 1 or 2 per year. You will survive them! Meanwhile the classic tennis fans maybe have one of the last classic matches to enjoy.