WIMBLEDON qualifying-- genie bouchard, jack sock and more


Genie is trying hard to qualify
iirc Genie could have used her protected ranking but she didn't want to take that option in a tournament that doesn't get her any points no matter what. Edit: yup.
Due to my shoulder surgery, I get a limited number of protected ranking (PR) entries. As much as I love Wimbledon and skipping it makes me sad, using a PR entry at a tournament with no rankings points doesn't make sense.

kevin qmto

Wait, since Sam Querrey played Eastbourne, is he out of Wimbledon? Is his ranking high enough for direct entry?
Edit - he’s at 99, higher than I thought.
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Also Sharapova is back in WTA and playing

A different pova, Sharipova. It's not Sugarpova, aka Maria Sharapova.

What's up with Muchova qualifying? I didn't know she's ranked at 82. She's definitely a top 25 player.
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Hope Mandy Minella qualifies she's riding off into the sunset after SW19.
Lucas Rosol moves on to 3rd round, if he wins that he will qualify for Wimbledon and could play RAFA in 1st round ?? he's beaten rafa before so is RAFA in danger ???????