Wimbledon'18 4R (24) K Nishikori (JPN) vs (Q) E Gulbis (LAT) : Ninja vs The Lord

Special Kei or The Earnest Ernests?

  • Injurkori battles through 3 MTOs in 5

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Bionic Poster
The Lord has fallen and it didn't look good, holding the inside of the knee as the trainer is called. That's a meniscus calamity if I've ever seen one.

To the locker room for treatment or better evaluation.


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Gulbis wincing in pain...has tape on his left knee ...


nishi with another DF !!!!!!


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Nishi finally takes it . 12-10.

Gulbis is done. needed to win the TB to get a shot of adrenaline.
Wonder if he'll retire from the match now. He is clearly in pain.


It will be a tall effort for Gulbis to win this now although he gave a great effort in that tiebreak.