Wimbledon'18 4R (24) K Nishikori (JPN) vs (Q) E Gulbis (LAT) : Ninja vs The Lord

Special Kei or The Earnest Ernests?

  • Injurkori battles through 3 MTOs in 5

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I knew this set would be done quickly, after that third set tie breaker.


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I knew this set would be done quickly, after that third set tie breaker.
Could have been another 5-set thriller without the fall. Rehashing it in my mind, I think the TB was on serve until 2-3. Then Gulbis lost serve to make it 2-4. Then the spill and the MTO at 2-5. Gulbis came back out to get both minibreaks back and held one point to 5-5. From there, only one point was won on serve to 12-10. That means 15 of 17 points were minibreaks. Just crazy!


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Undoubtedly true, but it's not saying much. He has no one in his half, and I include Del Po because Del Po is a mental poodle when facing Rafa. Djokovic isn't ready to beat Nadal in a slam semi and I absolutely favor Nadal in that match. He's coming off a slam last month, Djoker hasn't done anything in years. Those are the facts and those are the parameters under which the match will be played.
I honestly dont know how Del Potro is a 'mental poodle' against Nadal. He has beaten Nadal multiple times, always puts up a good fight even if he loses and is one of the strongest players in the world mentally. The simple reason Nadal leads their H2H is because Nadal is a damn good player and their is no shame in having a bad H2H against a Tier 1 Great. (Pls dont mention last year's USO semi, Delpo was GASSED OUT by the semi, Nadal got lucky admittedly, that couldve been a great semi)
The Nadal coming off a slam last month part doesnt mean squat since he's been in that position 4 previous times since 2011 and had never gone past the 4th round. Just a surface he really struggles on these days.
If there is any one place where even a below peak Djokovic can beat Nadal in a slam is on a grass court. That is simply because Nadal isnt that good enough on grass now, so yeah, still think Djoko is a pretty significant threat to Rafa