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    Hey guys,

    Starting from next Tuesday, June 29th, I'll be in London, England. As such, I'm dying to go take in a match at the All-England Lawn Tennis Club. However, I cannot simply "que" for tickets because I'm still in NYC. I searched the Tournament website but there's nowhere that I can find that allows me to pre-order a few tickets. The site also said to never buy tickets from scalpers, because the tickets are usually fake and/or don't work.

    So, can anyone help me out and see what's possible? I'm willing to pay good money for the tickets, but not top dollar i.e no more than $150 USD per ticket. I'm also not concerned about how good the seats are, so long as I'm able to get to a match or two on Center Court.


    (And yes, I'm bringing my frames and stuff with me to England. If anyone's in the London area and is a USTA 4.5/5.0 or better, I'd love to knock the ball around. I'd also love to play on grass, if anyone knows how I could arrange to rent a grass court for an hour or two that'd be amazing!)
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    I have heard of people asking for ID at the gates to check the tickets if you have ones that have names on them.Though saying that my 3 dont have anything on them this year.
    They have started a link with i think ticketmaster where you can log in at 12 mid day, and buy some tickets for the next days play, very limited numbers and i'm sure it would be hard to do but it is either that or que.
    You are not missing it, there is no way to get tickets on the website, it's not the done thing we're British remember adn love to que!!!:shock:

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