Windy Days!

Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by Nexus, Oct 25, 2006.

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    Sep 2, 2006
    Well folks, today was a windy day. I couldn't get my first serve in, which is my big serve. When I was facing downhill with the wind with my on the court, I couldn't hit hard. Spin wasn't a problem, but I couldn't find the happy medium. I could hit with a lot of topspin, but it stole my power. When against the wind, I had to hit harder, of course, but it didn't matter how hard I hit. The wind wasn't knocking my balls wide, just screwing up their depth and power. This was the first time I've had to play in the wind... and I lost in a tiebreak. It was close, and to a guy I can usually beat 9 times out of 10.

    Anyway, advice on what to do on a windy day?

    Advice on how to keep me focused and not get too confident, which results in laziness?

    Also, I have songs stuck in my head when I play, and certain songs kind of make me play differently. Like, a softer or negative song will hamper and distract me. A more agressive song gets/keeps me focused and does the opposite of a different song. [Note: It's rock music. Not classic, or whatever. Hard or punk... Don't know how to explain. I'm a teen with long hair. What else needs to be said? And no, it's not black hair. Don't know what else to say.]

    I guess I battle myself mentally, and depending on how much control I have over my mind depends on my level of play.

    Next, how do I get rid of the songs and just get to focusing on my opponent, and not my emotional state? Also, is it best to not show any emotion during a match, or some emotion, whether it be negative or positive?

    So, I need some opinions or advice to take into consideration along with the rest of the things running through my mind.

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