Winn glide bar clamps: marring string ok?


Last fall I posted a thread about a Tenex (Gamma) 4000 that I bought at a garage sale.

When I bought the machine I was trying out the clamps and I just decided to purchase some NOS Gamma 4000 glide bar clamps. They work great.

I decided to try and assemble the remaining parts that I got with the machine and I was able to piece together four functional Winn clamps. Two wide and two narrow tennis clamps.

Two of the clamps mounted on the glide bars are shown in the photo below:

The "problem" is that if you look carefully, the jaws of the clamps have a criss-cross pattern. In order to have the clamps securely hold the string, the clamps leave an impression on the string.

My question is whether or not this is ok for the string.

I typically string with solid core, single wrap synthetic guts (i.e. PSGO), but I worry if I were to use a multi or gut or even a poly it'll mark up or damage the string.


i used clamps similar to those and they didn't harm the strings i was using in the late 1980s. PSG, to some Blue Star multi, no REAL PROBLEMS


Thanks PBODY99.

I figured you'd be the one to answer my question. I assume based on your sig that you're still using your Gamma 4000 plus Wise tension head.

I fiddled with the nyloc nuts (thanks again Bret at Gamma!) with the other set of Tenex clamps and I concluded that one clamp was truly worn out with the other one not too far behind.

I don't know if there's a way to rejuvenate them.....

In the other thread you say that your Gamma 4000 has served you well for over 20 years. Have your clamps lasted you that long? And further, have you had to replace any other parts?


I went through the other thread again...... sounds like your 4000 hasn't given you any problems at all.

20 years and over 5000 frames?