Winners of the Major Tennis Tournaments

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    I thought I'd create a thread listing all the major winners, including the professional majors.

    1877 Wimbledon: Spencer Gore

    1878 Wimbledon: Frank Hadow

    1879 Wimbledon: John Hartley

    1880 Wimbledon: John Hartley

    1881 Wimbledon: William Renshaw

    1882 Wimbledon: William Renshaw
    1882 US Championships: Richard Sears

    1883 Wimbledon: William Renshaw
    1883 US Championships: Richard Sears

    1884 Wimbledon: William Renshaw
    1884 US Championships: Richard Sears

    1885 Wimbledon: William Renshaw
    1885 US Championships: Richard Sears

    1886 Wimbledon: William Renshaw
    1886 US Championships: Richard Sears

    1887 Wimbledon: Herbert Lawford
    1887 US Championships: Richard Sears

    1888 Wimbledon: Ernest Renshaw
    1888 US Championships: Henry Slocum

    1889 Wimbledon: William Renshaw
    1889 US Championships: Henry Slocum

    1890 Wimbledon: Willoughby Hamilton
    1890 US Championships: Oliver Campbell

    1891 Wimbledon: Wilfred Baddeley
    1891 US Championships: Olivier Campbell

    1892 Wimbledon: Wilfred Baddeley
    1892 US Championships: Oliver Campbell

    1893 Wimbledon: Joshua Pim
    1893 US Championships: Robert Wrenn

    1894 Wimbledon: Joshua Pim
    1894 US Championships: Robert Wrenn

    1895 Wimbledon: Wilfred Baddeley
    1895 US Championships: Frederick Hovey

    1896 Wimbledon: Harold Mahony
    1896 US Championships: Robert Wrenn

    1897 Wimbledon: Reggie Doherty
    1897 US Championships: Robert Wrenn

    1898 Wimbledon: Reggie Doherty
    1898 US Championships: Malcolm Whitman

    1899 Wimbledon: Reggie Doherty
    1899 US Championships: Malcolm Whitman

    1900 Wimbledon: Reggie Doherty
    1900 US Championships: Malcolm Whitman

    1901 Wimbledon: Arthur Gore
    1901 US Championships: William Larned

    1902 Wimbledon: Laurie Doherty
    1902 US Championships: William Larned

    1903 Wimbledon: Laurie Doherty
    1903 US Championships: Laurie Doherty

    1904 Wimbledon: Laurie Doherty
    1904 US Championships: Holcombe Ward

    1905 Wimbledon: Laurie Doherty
    1905 US Championships: Beals Wright

    1906 Wimbledon: Laurie Doherty
    1906 US Championships: William Clothier

    1907 Wimbledon: Norman Brookes
    1907 US Championships: William Larned

    1908 Wimbledon: Arthur Gore
    1908 US Championships: William Larned

    1909 Wimbledon: Arthur Gore
    1909 US Championships: William Larned

    1910 Wimbledon: Anthony Wilding
    1910 US Championships: William Larned

    1911 Wimbledon: Anthony Wilding
    1911 US Championships: William Larned

    1912 World Hardcourt Championships: Otto Froitzheim
    1912 Wimbledon: Anthony Wilding
    1912 US Championships: Maurice McLoughlin

    1913 World Hardcourt Championships: Anthony Wilding
    1913 Wimbledon: Anthony Wilding
    1913 US Championships: Maurice McLoughlin
    1913 World Covered Court Championships: Anthony Wilding

    1914 World Hardcourt Championships: Anthony Wilding
    1914 Wimbledon: Norman Brookes

    1914 US Championships: Richard Norris Williams

    1915 US Championships: Bill Johnston

    1916 US Championships: Richard Norris Williams

    1917 US Championships: Lindley Murray

    1918 US Championships: Lindley Murray

    1919 Wimbledon: Gerald Patterson
    1919 US Championships: Bill Johnston
    1919 World Covered Court Championships: Andre Gobert

    1920 World Hardcourt Championships: William Laurentz
    1920 Wimbledon: Bill Tilden
    1920 US Championships: Bill Tilden
    1920 World Covered Court Championships: Gordon Lowe

    1921 World Covered Court Championships: William Laurentz
    1921 World Hardcourt Championships: Bill Tilden
    1921 Wimbledon: Bill Tilden
    1921 US Championships: Bill Tilden

    1922 World Covered Court Championships: Henri Cochet
    1922 World Hardcourt Championships: Henri Cochet
    1922 Wimbledon: Gerald Patterson
    1922 US Championships: Bill Tilden

    1923 World Covered Court Championships: Henri Cochet
    1923 World Hardcourt Championships: Bill Johnston
    1923 Wimbledon: Bill Johnston
    1923 US Championships: Bill Tilden

    1924 Australasian Championships: James Anderson
    1924 Wimbledon: Jean Borotra
    1924 US Championships: Bill Tilden

    1925 Australasian Championships: James Anderson
    1925 French Championships: Rene Lacoste
    1925 Wimbledon: Rene Lacoste
    1925 US Championships: Bill Tilden

    1926 Australasian Championships: John Hawkes
    1926 French Championships: Henri Cochet
    1926 Wimbledon: Jean Borotra
    1926 US Championships: Rene Lacoste

    1927 Australian Championships: Gerald Patterson
    1927 French Championships: Rene Lacoste
    1927 Wimbledon: Henri Cochet
    1927 US Championships: Rene Lacoste

    1927 US Pro: Vinny Richards

    1928 Australian Championships: Jean Borotra
    1928 French Championships: Henri Cochet
    1928 Wimbledon: Rene Lacoste
    1928 US Championships: Henri Cochet

    1928 US Pro: Vinny Richards

    1929 Australian Championships: John Colin Gregory
    1929 French Championships: Rene Lacoste
    1929 Wimbledon: Henri Cochet
    1929 US Championships: Bill Tilden

    1929 US Pro: Karel Kozeluh

    1930 Australian Championships: Edgar Moon
    1930 French Championships: Henri Cochet
    1930 Wimbledon: Bill Tilden
    1930 US Championships: John Doeg

    1930 French Pro Karel Kozeluh
    1930 US Pro: Vinny Richards

    1931 Australian Championships: Jack Crawford
    1931 French Championships: Jean Borotra
    1931 Wimbledon: Sidney Wood
    1931 US Championships: Ellsworth Vines

    1931 French Pro: Martin Plaa
    1931 US Pro: Bill Tilden

    1932 Australian Championships: Jack Crawford
    1932 French Championships: Henri Cochet
    1932 Wimbledon: Ellsworth Vines
    1932 US Championships: Ellsworth Vines

    1932 World Pro: Martin Plaa
    1932 French Pro: Robert Ramillon
    1932 US Pro: Karel Kozeluh
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    Nov 12, 2009
    Cwmbran, Wales
    1933 Australian Championships: Jack Crawford
    1933 French Championships: Jack Crawford
    1933 Wimbledon: Jack Crawford
    1933 US Championships: Fred Perry

    1933 World Pro: Hans Nusslein
    1933 French Pro: Bill Tilden
    1933 US Pro: Vinny Richards

    1934 Australian Championships: Fred Perry
    1934 French Championships: Gottfried von Cramm
    1934 Wimbledon: Fred Perry
    1934 US Championships: Fred Perry

    1934 French Pro: Bill Tilden
    1934 Wembley Pro: Ellsworth Vines
    1934 US Pro: Hans Nusslein

    1935 Australian Championships: Jack Crawford
    1935 French Championships: Fred Perry
    1935 Wimbledon: Fred Perry
    1935 US Championships: Wilmer Allison

    1935 French Pro: Ellsworth Vines
    1935 Wembley Pro: Ellsworth Vines
    1935 US Pro: Bill Tilden

    1936 Australian Championships: Adrian Quist
    1936 French Championships: Gottfried von Cramm
    1936 Wimbledon: Fred Perry
    1936 US Championships: Fred Perry

    1936 French Pro: Henri Cochet
    1936 Wembley Pro: Ellsworth Vines
    1936 US Pro: Joe Whalen

    1937 Australian Championships: Vivian McGrath
    1937 French Championships: Henner Henkel
    1937 Wimbledon: Don Budge
    1937 US Championships: Don Budge

    1937 French Pro: Hans Nusslein
    1937 Wembley Pro: Hans Nusslein
    1937 US Pro: Karel Kozeluh

    1938 Australian Championships: Don Budge
    1938 French Championships: Don Budge
    1938 Wimbledon: Don Budge
    1938 US Championships: Don Budge

    1938 French Pro: Hans Nusslein
    1938 Wembley Pro: Hans Nusslein
    1938 US Pro: Fred Perry

    1939 Australian Championships: John Bromwich
    1939 French Championships: Don McNeill
    1939 Wimbledon: Bobby Riggs
    1939 US Championships: Bobby Riggs

    1939 French Pro: Don Budge
    1939 Wembley Pro: Don Budge
    1939 US Pro: Ellsworth Vines

    1940 Australian Championships: Adrian Quist
    1940 US Championships: Don McNeill

    1940 US Pro: Don Budge

    1941 US Championships: Bobby Riggs
    1941 US Pro: Fred Perry

    1942 US Championships: Ted Schroeder
    1942 US Pro: Don Budge

    1943 US Championships: Joseph Hunt
    1943 US Pro: Bruce Barnes

    1944 US Championships: Frank Parker

    1945 US Championships: Frank Parker
    1945 US Pro: Welby Van Horn

    1946 Australian Championships: John Bromwich
    1946 French Championships: Marcel Bernard
    1946 Wimbledon: Yvon Petra
    1946 US Championships: Jack Kramer

    1946 US Pro: Bobby Riggs

    1947 Australian Championships: Dinny Pails
    1947 French Championships: Jozsef Asboth
    1947 Wimbledon: Jack Kramer
    1947 US Championships: Jack Kramer

    1947 US Pro: Bobby Riggs

    1948 Australian Championships: Adrian Quist
    1948 French Championships: Frank Parker
    1948 Wimbledon: Bob Falkenburg
    1948 US Championships: Pancho Gonzales

    1948 US Pro: Jack Kramer

    1949 Australian Championships: Frank Sedgman
    1949 French Championships: Frank Parker
    1949 Wimbledon: Ted Schroeder
    1949 US Championships: Pancho Gonzales

    1949 Wembley Pro: Jack Kramer
    1949 US Pro: Bobby Riggs

    1950 Australian Championships: Frank Sedgman
    1950 French Championships: Budge Patty
    1950 Wimbledon: Budge Patty
    1950 US Championships: Art Larsen

    1950 Wembley Pro: Pancho Gonzales
    1950 US Pro: Pancho Segura

    1951 Australian Championships: Dick Savitt
    1951 French Championships: Jaroslav Drobny
    1951 Wimbledon: Dick Savitt
    1951 US Championships: Frank Sedgman

    1951 Wembley Pro: Pancho Gonzales
    1951 US Pro: Pancho Segura

    1952 Australian Championships: Ken McGregor
    1952 French Championships: Jaroslav Drobny
    1952 Wimbledon: Frank Sedgman
    1952 US Championships: Frank Sedgman

    1952 Wembley Pro: Pancho Gonzales
    1952 US Pro: Pancho Segura

    1953 Australian Championships: Ken Rosewall
    1953 French Championships: Ken Rosewall
    1953 Wimbledon: Vic Seixas
    1953 US Championships: Tony Trabert

    1953 Wembley Pro: Frank Sedgman
    1953 US Pro: Pancho Gonzales

    1954 Australian Championships: Mervyn Rose
    1954 French Championships: Tony Trabert
    1954 Wimbledon: Jaroslav Drobny
    1954 US Championships: Vic Seixas

    1954 US Pro: Pancho Gonzales

    1955 Australian Championships: Ken Rosewall
    1955 French Championships: Tony Trabert
    1955 Wimbledon: Tony Trabert
    1955 US Championships: Tony Trabert

    1955 US Pro: Pancho Gonzales

    1956 Australian Championships: Lew Hoad
    1956 French Championships: Lew Hoad
    1956 Wimbledon: Lew Hoad
    1956 US Championships: Ken Rosewall

    1956 French Pro: Tony Trabert
    1956 Wembley Pro: Pancho Gonzales
    1956 US Pro: Pancho Gonzales
    1956 Tournament of Champions: Pancho Gonzales

    1957 Australian Championships: Ashley Cooper
    1957 French Championships: Sven Davidson
    1957 Wimbledon: Lew Hoad
    1957 US Championships: Mal Anderson

    1957 Wembley Pro: Ken Rosewall
    1957 US Pro: Pancho Gonzales
    1957 Tournament of Champions: Pancho Gonzales

    1958 Australian Championships: Ashley Cooper
    1958 French Championships: Mervyn Rose
    1958 Wimbledon: Ashley Cooper
    1958 US Championships: Ashley Cooper

    1958 French Pro: Ken Rosewall
    1958 Wembley Pro: Frank Sedgman
    1958 US Pro: Pancho Gonzales
    1958 Tournament of Champions: Pancho Gonzales

    1959 Australian Championships: Alex Olmedo
    1959 French Championships: Nicola Pietrangeli
    1959 Wimbledon: Alex Olmedo
    1959 US Championships: Neale Fraser

    1959 French Pro: Tony Trabert
    1959 Wembley Pro: Mal Anderson
    1959 US Pro: Pancho Gonzales
    1959 Tournament of Champions: Lew Hoad

    1960 Australian Championships: Rod Laver
    1960 French Championships: Nicola Pietrangeli
    1960 Wimbledon: Neale Fraser
    1960 US Championships: Neale Fraser

    1960 French Pro: Ken Rosewall
    1960 Wembley Pro: Ken Rosewall
    1960 US Pro: Alex Olmedo

    1961 Australian Championships: Roy Emerson
    1961 French Championships: Manuel Santana
    1961 Wimbledon: Rod Laver
    1961 US Championships: Roy Emerson

    1961 French Pro: Ken Rosewall
    1961 Wembley Pro: Ken Rosewall
    1961 US Pro: Pancho Gonzales

    1962 Australian Championships: Rod Laver
    1962 French Championships: Rod Laver
    1962 Wimbledon: Rod Laver
    1962 US Championships: Rod Laver

    1962 French Pro: Ken Rosewall
    1962 Wembley Pro: Ken Rosewall
    1962 US Pro: Butch Buchholz

    1963 Australian Championships: Roy Emerson
    1963 French Championships: Roy Emerson
    1963 Wimbledon: Chuck McKinley
    1963 US Championships: Rafael Osuna

    1963 French Pro: Ken Rosewall
    1963 Wembley Pro: Ken Rosewall
    1963 US Pro: Ken Rosewall

    1964 Australian Championships: Roy Emerson
    1964 French Championships: Manuel Santana
    1964 Wimbledon: Roy Emerson
    1964 US Championships: Roy Emerson

    1964 French Pro: Ken Rosewall
    1964 Wembley Pro: Rod Laver
    1964 US Pro: Rod Laver

    1965 Australian Championships: Roy Emerson
    1965 French Championships: Fred Stolle
    1965 Wimbledon: Roy Emerson
    1965 US Championships: Manuel Santana

    1965 French Pro: Ken Rosewall
    1965 Wembley Pro: Rod Laver
    1965 US Pro: Ken Rosewall

    1966 Australian Championships: Roy Emerson
    1966 French Championships: Tony Roche
    1966 Wimbledon: Manuel Santana
    1966 US Championships: Fred Stolle

    1966 French Pro: Ken Rosewall
    1966 Wembley Pro: Rod Laver
    1966 US Pro: Rod Laver

    1967 Australian Championships: Roy Emerson
    1967 French Championships: Roy Emerson
    1967 Wimbledon: John Newcombe
    1967 US Championships: John Newcombe

    1967 French Pro: Rod Laver
    1967 Wembley Pro: Rod Laver
    1967 US Pro: Rod Laver
    1967 Wimbledon Pro: Rod Laver
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    Nov 12, 2009
    Cwmbran, Wales
    1968 Australian Championships: William Bowrey
    1968 French Open: Ken Rosewall
    1968 Wimbledon: Rod Laver
    1968 US Open: Arthur Ashe

    1969 Australian Open: Rod Laver
    1969 French Open: Rod Laver
    1969 Wimbledon: Rod Laver
    1969 US Open: Rod Laver

    1970 Australian Open: Arthur Ashe
    1970 French Open: Jan Kodes
    1970 Wimbledon: John Newcombe
    1970 US Open: Ken Rosewall

    1971 Australian Open: Ken Rosewall
    1971 French Open: Jan Kodes
    1971 Wimbledon: John Newcombe
    1971 US Open: Stan Smith

    1972 Australian Open: Ken Rosewall
    1972 French Open: Andres Gimeno
    1972 Wimbledon: Stan Smith
    1972 US Open: Ilie Nastase

    1973 Australian Open: John Newcombe
    1973 French Open: Ilie Nastase
    1973 Wimbledon: Jan Kodes
    1973 US Open: John Newcombe

    1974 Australian Open: Jimmy Connors
    1974 French Open: Bjorn Borg
    1974 Wimbledon: Jimmy Connors
    1974 US Open: Jimmy Connors

    1975 Australian Open: John Newcombe
    1975 French Open: Bjorn Borg
    1975 Wimbledon: Arthur Ashe
    1975 US Open: Manuel Orantes

    1976 Australian Open: Mark Edmondson
    1976 French Open: Adriano Panatta
    1976 Wimbledon: Bjorn Borg
    1976 US Open: Jimmy Connors

    1977 Australian Open (January): Roscoe Tanner
    1977 French Open: Guillermo Vilas
    1977 Wimbledon: Bjorn Borg
    1977 US Open: Guillermo Vilas
    1977 Australian Open (December): Vitas Gerulaitis

    1978 French Open: Bjorn Borg
    1978 Wimbledon: Bjorn Borg
    1978 US Open: Jimmy Connors
    1978 Australian Open: Guillermo Vilas

    1979 French Open: Bjorn Borg
    1979 Wimbledon: Bjorn Borg
    1979 US Open: John McEnroe
    1979 Australian Open: Guillermo Vilas

    1980 French Open: Bjorn Borg
    1980 Wimbledon: Bjorn Borg
    1980 US Open: John McEnroe
    1980 Australian Open: Brian Teacher

    1981 French Open: Bjorn Borg
    1981 Wimbledon: John McEnroe
    1981 US Open: John McEnroe
    1981 Australian Open: Johan Kriek

    1982 French Open: Mats Wilander
    1982 Wimbledon: Jimmy Connors
    1982 US Open: Jimmy Connors
    1982 Australian Open: Johan Kriek

    1983 French Open: Yannick Noah
    1983 Wimbledon: John McEnroe
    1983 US Open: Jimmy Connors
    1983 Australian Open: Mats Wilander

    1984 French Open: Ivan Lendl
    1984 Wimbledon: John McEnroe
    1984 US Open: John McEnroe
    1984 Australian Open: Mats Wilander

    1985 French Open: Mats Wilander
    1985 Wimbledon: Boris Becker
    1985 US Open: Ivan Lendl
    1985 Australian Open: Stefan Edberg

    1986 French Open: Ivan Lendl
    1986 Wimbledon: Boris Becker
    1986 US Open: Ivan Lendl

    1987 Australian Open: Stefan Edberg
    1987 French Open: Ivan Lendl
    1987 Wimbledon: Pat Cash
    1987 US Open: Ivan Lendl

    1988 Australian Open: Mats Wilander
    1988 French Open: Mats Wilander
    1988 Wimbledon: Stefan Edberg
    1988 US Open: Mats Wilander

    1989 Australian Open: Ivan Lendl
    1989 French Open: Michael Chang
    1989 Wimbledon: Boris Becker
    1989 US Open: Boris Becker

    1990 Australian Open: Ivan Lendl
    1990 French Open: Andres Gomez
    1990 Wimbledon: Stefan Edberg
    1990 US Open: Pete Sampras

    1991 Australian Open: Boris Becker
    1991 French Open: Jim Courier
    1991 Wimbledon: Michael Stich
    1991 US Open: Stefan Edberg

    1992 Australian Open: Jim Courier
    1992 French Open: Jim Courier
    1992 Wimbledon: Andre Agassi
    1992 US Open: Stefan Edberg

    1993 Australian Open: Jim Courier
    1993 French Open: Sergi Bruguera
    1993 Wimbledon: Pete Sampras
    1993 US Open: Pete Sampras

    1994 Australian Open: Pete Sampras
    1994 French Open: Sergi Bruguera
    1994 Wimbledon: Pete Sampras
    1994 US Open: Andre Agassi

    1995 Australian Open: Andre Agassi
    1995 French Open: Thomas Muster
    1995 Wimbledon: Pete Sampras
    1995 US Open: Pete Sampras

    1996 Australian Open: Boris Becker
    1996 French Open: Yevgeny Kafelnikov
    1996 Wimbledon: Richard Krajicek
    1996 US Open: Pete Sampras

    1997 Australian Open: Pete Sampras
    1997 French Open: Gustavo Kuerten
    1997 Wimbledon: Pete Sampras
    1997 US Open: Patrick Rafter

    1998 Australian Open: Petr Korda
    1998 French Open: Carlos Moya
    1998 Wimbledon: Pete Sampras
    1998 US Open: Patrick Rafter

    1999 Australian Open: Yevgeny Kafelnikov
    1999 French Open: Andre Agassi
    1999 Wimbledon: Pete Sampras
    1999 US Open: Andre Agassi

    2000 Australian Open: Andre Agassi
    2000 French Open: Gustavo Kuerten
    2000 Wimbledon: Pete Sampras
    2000 US Open: Marat Safin

    2001 Australian Open: Andre Agassi
    2001 French Open: Gustavo Kuerten
    2001 Wimbledon: Goran Ivanisevic
    2001 US Open: Lleyton Hewitt

    2002 Australian Open: Thomas Johansson
    2002 French Open: Albert Costa
    2002 Wimbledon: Lleyton Hewitt
    2002 US Open: Pete Sampras

    2003 Australian Open: Andre Agassi
    2003 French Open: Juan Carlos Ferrero
    2003 Wimbledon: Roger Federer
    2003 US Open: Andy Roddick

    2004 Australian Open: Roger Federer
    2004 French Open: Gaston Gaudio
    2004 Wimbledon: Roger Federer
    2004 US Open: Roger Federer

    2005 Australian Open: Marat Safin
    2005 French Open: Rafael Nadal
    2005 Wimbledon: Roger Federer
    2005 US Open: Roger Federer

    2006 Australian Open: Roger Federer
    2006 French Open: Rafael Nadal
    2006 Wimbledon: Roger Federer
    2006 US Open: Roger Federer

    2007 Australian Open: Roger Federer
    2007 French Open: Rafael Nadal
    2007 Wimbledon: Roger Federer
    2007 US Open: Roger Federer

    2008 Australian Open: Novak Djokovic
    2008 French Open: Rafael Nadal
    2008 Wimbledon: Rafael Nadal
    2008 US Open: Roger Federer

    2009 Australian Open: Rafael Nadal
    2009 French Open: Roger Federer
    2009 Wimbledon: Roger Federer
    2009 US Open: Juan Martin del Potro

    2010 Australian Open: Roger Federer
    2010 French Open: Rafael Nadal
    2010 Wimbledon: Rafael Nadal
    2010 US Open: Rafael Nadal

    2011 Australian Open: Novak Djokovic
    2011 French Open: Rafael Nadal
    2011 Wimbledon: Novak Djokovic
    2011 US Open: Novak Djokovic

    2012 Australian Open: Novak Djokovic
    2012 French Open Rafael Nadal
    2012 Wimbledon Roger Federer
    2012 US Open Andy Murray
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    Oct 31, 2011
    This appears to be a rather arbitrary rating of what constitutes a major event, especially in the old pro era. For example, why is the 1967 Wimbledon Pro considered a major, but not the Forest Hills Pro of 1957 to 1959? These two events were the most media-covered events in the tennis world at the time (the Forest Hills Pro was given feature-article status in TIME magazine and Sports Illustrated, unlike the fake US Pro in Cleveland).
    Any ideas? It seems that no one is able or interested in defending the status of the fake US Pro in Cleveland from 1952 to 1961.
  5. timnz

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    Oct 17, 2008
    Good list but....

    That's a good list but you have listed the US and Australian pre-1924 and French pre-1925 - when they weren't majors.

    Three of our current 4 majors (to use the modern term 'Grand Slams' (a term I don't like)) have only been majors since 1924/1925 (French from 1925).

    Majors from 1913 to 1923 were the World Hardcourt Championship, World Covered Court Championship, Wimbledon according to the ILTF which was the official organizing body of tennis. Now no matter what one thinks of the World Covered Court Championship it still was the official indoor World Championship ie Major. (Wimbledon still gets recognized as a major in 1972 and 1973 when the fields were weak - because it still was officially a major, similarly the fields at the Australian Open from 1972 to 1982 - still a major).

    The French certainly shouldn't be listed pre-1925 as it was only open to French tennis club members.

    The ILTF (for-runner to the ITF) officially recognised our current 4 majors from 1924 onwards (French from 1925)

    The main point - is that like golf, what was a major has changed over time. When Bobby Jones did his Grand Slam in golf - they weren't the same majors as we have now. Similarly in tennis they have changed.

    THe only ambiguous thing was the US Championships pre-1924. They weren't officially a major but people treated them unofficially as such.
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  6. timnz

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    Oct 17, 2008
    Tournament of Champions

    Agree about Forest Hills Pro (actually the tournament of champions - from 1956 - when it was in LA). Should be listed as a major. Time Magazine certainly rated it as an important event in 1959 - commenting on Hoad's win over Gonzales.

    Having said that I applaud the effort as to often people simply judge pre-1968 tennis by the current 4 'Grand Slam' events (hate that term!).
  7. timnz

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    Oct 17, 2008
    1968 Australian Championship

    "1968 Australian Championships: William Bowrey"

    that can't be rated as a top event. It was still amateur.
  8. Mustard

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    Nov 12, 2009
    Cwmbran, Wales
    This doesn't make sense. Every Australian Championships before the open era was amateur only.

    I have made changes to the OP. I've omitted the French pre-1925, the Australasian pre-1924 and the US in 1881 (only open to US club players that year), and have included the World Hardcourt Championships, the World Covered Court Championships and the Forest Hills Pro of 1956-1959. I have continued to count the US Championships from 1882 onwards.

    So the majors are:

    Open majors
    Australian Open (1969-January 1977, December 1977-1985, 1987-Present Day)
    French Open (1968-Present Day)
    Wimbledon (1968-Present Day)
    US Open (1968-Present Day)

    Pro majors
    World Pro (1932-1933)
    French Pro (1930-1939, 1956, 1958-1967)
    Wembley Pro (1934-1939, 1949-1953, 1956-1967)
    US Pro (1927-1943, 1945-1967)
    Tournament of Champions (1956-1959)
    Wimbledon Pro (1967)

    Amateur majors
    Australian Championships (1927-1940, 1946-1968 )
    French Championships (1925-1939, 1946-1967)
    Wimbledon (1877-1914, 1919-1939, 1946-1967)
    US Championships (1882-1967)
    World Hard Court Championships (1912-1914, 1920-1923)
    World Covered Court Championships (1913, 1919-1923)
    Australasian Championships (1924-1926)
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  9. urban

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    Apr 22, 2005
    As much i respect those trys to give a deeper insight into tennis history, there are methodical problems. One problem with those lists is, that one has to prove every event in each year separately, which constitutes an important event. On the old pro tour there was no stable circuit of events, it changed from year to year. Even in the early years of open tennis, one has to prove the official majors, which often lacked the best players, and compare them with other leading events, which had better fields. Together with Carlo and others, we tried to establish four most important events for each year, according to the strengths of the draws. Sgt. John made a good list of the 4 most important events each year in an earlier thread here on TT, even trying to include surface diversion. Not only the pro Forest Hills round robin (in 1959 final) of 1957-1959 is to be reckoned with on the pro tour, but also - for some years - such events like the US pro indoor, played at New York, the Madison Square Garden pro, or the Forest Hills round robin.

    BTURNER Hall of Fame

    Jul 27, 2007
    All I know is that according the the above, Rosewall and Laver were awfully piggish and greedy in the 60's and early 70's. the type of folks that would take all the ribs at the company BBQ. Not very polite at all.
  11. kiki

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    Feb 17, 2010
    Specially Rosewall.He´d eat all the meat and make you pay for it...that´s why he was called a mean man...
  12. timnz

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    Oct 17, 2008
    Minor point

    I like the list.

    Just a minor point. You might want to change the name from Forest Hills Pro to Tournament of Champions - because the 1956 edition wasn't at Forest Hills.

    Wonder where the Madison Square Gardens Pro of the mid-60's fits in?
  13. Dan Lobb

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    Oct 31, 2011
    The "strength of the draws" does not give you a good determination because even lesser pro events before and after1968 could have an impressive field. But who would call Oklahoma City or Johannesburg majors (despite their big-sounding titles)? These minor events might have a strong field, but someone like Gimeno or Stolle was likely to win them.
    I would suggest that the old pro events at Wimbledon (1967 only), Forest Hills (including the pre-1952 and 1963 US Pro, plus the 1941 Forest Hills), Roland Garros (1956, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1968), Kooyong (1958, 1959, 1960, 1962) should be given major status ahead of the indoor tournaments (which were heavily smoked). These were the locations of the four recognized amateur and open majors (although the Aussie Open moved around, Kooyong was the foremost tennis location).
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  14. Mustard

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    Nov 12, 2009
    Cwmbran, Wales
    Just done this :)
  15. Dan Lobb

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    Oct 31, 2011
    I notice that Butch Bucholz is listed as the US Pro champ for 1962, although the tournament he won was actually called the World Professional Championships at Cleveland, while the official US Pro was held at Washington, D.C. and was won by Tut Bartzen (surely, one of the all-time great players) who defeated the ubiquitous Sammy Giammalva in the final.
    This was the first official US Pro since the 1951 event at Forest Hills, where Segura defeated Gonzales in the final.
    It seems that the Cleveland promoter knew that his time was up in 1962 when he conceded the inevitable and changed the name of his event.
  16. Dan Lobb

    Dan Lobb Legend

    Oct 31, 2011
    I wouldn't make too much of the title "Tournament of Champions", which Jack Kramer cooked up as a sales gimmick, and which he applied rather loosely to a number of his events. For example, in December, 1959 the Sydney tournament was billed "Tournament of Champions", just as the Forest Hills Pro had been a few months earlier. Were there two Tournament of Champions in the same season?
    The pros used titles freely, and they should not be taken too seriously. The Cleveland US Pro was actually not the official event, but was simply a marketing ploy.
    The real basis of a major is the location and the stadium, the quality of which determined the status of the tournament.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2012
  17. kiki

    kiki Banned

    Feb 17, 2010
    What´s wrong with Gimeno and Stolle?:confused:
  18. MG1

    MG1 Professional

    Nov 13, 2011

    Can you make the list for the maximum no. of major event winners.(as per above data)

    I posted one list earlier on another thread in which Rosewell having 26 & Laver 22

    In that list all amatuer+Pro+Open majors and some other events like 1967 wimbledon Pro were included.
  19. Dan Lobb

    Dan Lobb Legend

    Oct 31, 2011
    Nothing wrong with them, but I think you will agree that their victories came in the less prestigious tournaments (although Stolle luckily won the 1966 Forest Hills final after Newcombe sprained his ankle after winning the first set).
    Gimeno got lucky at the French Open in 1972, an event boycotted by the main pros.
  20. kiki

    kiki Banned

    Feb 17, 2010
    Gimeno beat Laver and Rosewall at the Worlds Pros.Stolle won Roland Garros by beating Tony Roche.
  21. Dan Lobb

    Dan Lobb Legend

    Oct 31, 2011
    The so-called "World Pros" was actually a minor event in Oklahoma City!
    Again, folks, don't get fooled by the titles. Just because someone claims to be the US Pro or the World Pro (really, just the Cleveland and Oklahoma stops of a four-man tour), doesn't mean you should believe them. Several tournaments claimed to be the world championships.
    I like what Hoad said in 1985.
    "If I was playing an important final, I would try my best, but if it was the final of the Hamburger Open (there actually was a Burger King Pro Championship) against a player I knew I could beat, well...(he shrugged his shoulders)"
    You cannot expect Hoad or Laver to win every weekend. Gimeno and Stolle have to be given some scraps (like Oklahoma City and Cleveland).
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2012
  22. Mustard

    Mustard Talk Tennis Guru

    Nov 12, 2009
    Cwmbran, Wales
    Okay. Here's the full list.

    List of majors won as per OP data
    Ken Rosewall: 23 (4 amateur, 15 pro, 4 open)

    Rod Laver: 20 (6 amateur, 9 pro, 5 open)

    Roger Federer: 17
    Pancho Gonzales: 17 (2 amateur, 15 pro)

    Bill Tilden: 15 (11 amateur, 4 pro)

    Pete Sampras: 14

    Roy Emerson: 12 (12 amateur)

    Rafael Nadal: 11
    Bjorn Borg: 11
    Henri Cochet: 11 (10 amateur, 1 pro)

    Don Budge: 10 (6 amateur, 4 pro)
    Fred Perry: 10 (8 amateur, 2 pro)

    Andre Agassi: 8
    Jimmy Connors: 8
    Ivan Lendl: 8
    Ellsworth Vines: 8 (3 amateur, 5 pro)

    Mats Wilander: 7
    John McEnroe: 7
    John Newcombe: 7 (2 amateur, 5 open)
    Tony Trabert: 7 (5 amateur, 2 pro)
    Frank Sedgman: 7 (5 amateur, 2 pro)
    Rene Lacoste: 7 (7 amateur)
    Anthony Wilding: 7 (7 amateur)
    William Larned: 7 (7 amateur)
    William Renshaw: 7 (7 amateur)

    Boris Becker: 6
    Stefan Edberg: 6
    Hans Nusslein: 6 (6 pro)
    Bobby Riggs: 6 (3 amateur, 3 pro)
    Jack Crawford: 6 (6 amateur)
    Laurie Doherty: 6 (6 amateur)
    Richard Sears: 6 (6 amateur)

    Novak Djokovic: 5
    Jack Kramer: 5 (3 amateur, 2 pro)
    Lew Hoad: 5 (4 amateur, 1 pro)

    Jim Courier: 4
    Guillermo Vilas: 4
    Karel Kozeluh: 4 (4 pro)
    Vinny Richards: 4 (4 pro)
    Manuel Santana: 4 (4 amateur)
    Ashley Cooper: 4 (4 amateur)
    Frank Parker: 4 (4 amateur)
    Jean Borotra: 4 (4 amateur)
    Bill Johnston: 4 (4 amateur)
    Reggie Doherty: 4 (4 amateur)
    Robert Wrenn: 4 (4 amateur)

    Gustavo Kuerten: 3
    Arthur Ashe: 3
    Jan Kodes: 3
    Pancho Segura: 3 (3 pro)
    Alex Olmedo: 3 (2 amateur, 1 pro)
    Neale Fraser: 3 (3 amateur)
    Jaroslav Drobny: 3 (3 amateur)
    Adrian Quist: 3 (3 amateur)
    Gerald Patterson: 3 (3 amateur)
    Arthur Gore: 3 (3 amateur)
    Malcolm Whitman: 3 (3 amateur)
    Wilfred Baddeley: 3 (3 amateur)
    Oliver Campbell: 3 (3 amateur)

    Marat Safin: 2
    Lleyton Hewitt: 2
    Yevgeny Kafelnikov: 2
    Patrick Rafter: 2
    Sergi Bruguera: 2
    Johan Kriek: 2
    Ilie Nastase: 2
    Stan Smith: 2
    Martin Plaa: 2 (2 pro)
    Mal Anderson: 2 (1 amateur, 1 pro)
    Fred Stolle: 2 (2 amateur)
    Nicola Pietrangeli: 2 (2 amateur)
    Mervyn Rose: 2 (2 amateur)
    Vic Seixas: 2 (2 amateur)
    Dick Savitt: 2 (2 amateur)
    Budge Patty: 2 (2 amateur)
    Ted Schroeder: 2 (2 amateur)
    John Bromwich: 2 (2 amateur)
    Don McNeill: 2 (2 amateur)
    Gottfried von Cramm: 2 (2 amateur)
    James Anderson: 2 (2 amateur)
    William Laurentz: 2 (2 amateur)
    Lindley Murray: 2 (2 amateur)
    Richard Norris Williams: 2 (2 amateur)
    Norman Brookes: 2 (2 amateur)
    Maurice McLoughlin: 2 (2 amateur)
    Joshua Pim: 2 (2 amateur)
    Henry Slocum: 2 (2 amateur)
    John Hartley: 2 (2 amateur)

    Andy Murray: 1
    Juan Martin del Potro: 1
    Gaston Gaudio: 1
    Andy Roddick: 1
    Juan Carlos Ferrero: 1
    Albert Costa: 1
    Thomas Johansson: 1
    Goran Ivanisevic: 1
    Carlos Moya: 1
    Petr Korda: 1
    Richard Krajicek: 1
    Thomas Muster: 1
    Michael Stich: 1
    Andres Gomez: 1
    Michael Chang: 1
    Pat Cash: 1
    Yannick Noah: 1
    Brian Teacher: 1
    Vitas Gerulaitis: 1
    Roscoe Tanner: 1
    Adriano Panatta: 1
    Mark Edmondson: 1
    Manuel Orantes: 1
    Andres Gimeno: 1
    Butch Buchholz: 1 (1 pro)
    Welby Van Horn: 1 (1 pro)
    Bruce Barnes: 1 (1 pro)
    Joe Whalen: 1 (1 pro)
    Robert Ramillon: 1 (1 pro)
    William Bowrey: 1 (1 amateur)
    Tony Roche: 1 (1 amateur)
    Rafael Osuna: 1 (1 amateur)
    Chuck McKinley: 1 (1 amateur)
    Sven Davidson: 1 (1 amateur)
    Ken McGregor: 1 (1 amateur)
    Art Larsen: 1 (1 amateur)
    Bob Falkenburg: 1 (1 amateur)
    Jozsef Asboth: 1 (1 amateur)
    Dinny Pails: 1 (1 amateur)
    Yvon Petra: 1 (1 amateur)
    Marcel Bernard: 1 (1 amateur)
    Joseph Hunt: 1 (1 amateur)
    Henner Henkel: 1 (1 amateur)
    Vivian McGrath: 1 (1 amateur)
    Wilmer Allison: 1 (1 amateur)
    Sidney Wood: 1 (1 amateur)
    John Doeg: 1 (1 amateur)
    Edgar Moon: 1 (1 amateur)
    John Colin Gregory: 1 (1 amateur)
    John Hawkes: 1 (1 amateur)
    Gordon Lowe: 1 (1 amateur)
    Andre Gobert: 1 (1 amateur)
    Otto Froitzheim: 1 (1 amateur)
    William Clothier: 1 (1 amateur)
    Beals Wright: 1 (1 amateur)
    Holcombe Ward: 1 (1 amateur)
    Harold Mahony: 1 (1 amateur)
    Frederick Hovey: 1 (1 amateur)
    Willoughby Hamilton: 1 (1 amateur)
    Ernest Renshaw: 1 (1 amateur)
    Herbert Lawford: 1 (1 amateur)
    Frank Hadow: 1 (1 amateur)
    Spencer Gore: 1 (1 amateur)
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  23. kiki

    kiki Banned

    Feb 17, 2010
    I guess the Masters and WCT finals replaced major pros in the 70´s and 80´s, or at least, they are somewhat comparable, once that open tennis allowed everybody play the Gran Slam titles ( except when WCT players were banned, of course)
  24. Mustard

    Mustard Talk Tennis Guru

    Nov 12, 2009
    Cwmbran, Wales
    The earliest of tennis legends internationally seem to be Laurie Doherty, a dominant Wimbledon champion who managed to win the US Championships (still one of only two Brits to win the tournament along with Fred Perry), and Anthony Wilding, who seemed utterly dominant in the years before the first world war, especially 1913 when he won the WHCC, Wimbledon and the WCCC.
  25. kiki

    kiki Banned

    Feb 17, 2010
    Before the 2 Doherty´s, back in the...XIX century, there were the Renshwas, the first real legendary Wimbleodn champions, along very young girl Lottie Dodd.

    In the first decade of the XX century, US had players that merely played US events (Boston,Newport,Merion,Forest Hills), like Richards,Larned,Sears ( who had the record for consecutive wins until Tilden broke it in the 1920´s) and Mr Davis, the guy that invented the Davis Cup.

    later on, there were 2 dominants players: Brookes and Wilding, both from Australassia and they dominated the scene before the WWI ( the other 2 great players of that era were US Mc Laughlin, arguably the first S&V ever and french Decugis, who should have been appointed the fourth mousketeer instead of Brugnon IMO)
  26. Mustard

    Mustard Talk Tennis Guru

    Nov 12, 2009
    Cwmbran, Wales
    There was Bill Tilden's rival, Bill Johnston, as well.
  27. kiki

    kiki Banned

    Feb 17, 2010
    Dodd and Lambert Chambers first, and then Lenglen and Wills were the women´s equivalents to the Renshaws,Doherty,Tilden and Mousketeers.
  28. kiki

    kiki Banned

    Feb 17, 2010
    Just thinking, it all depends on the number of players you pick.

    If I had to put my best top 3, it´d be Borg/Connors/Mc Enroe in 1980.

    If, instead, I was asked top 4, I think 1963 or 1964 Laver/Rosewall/Hoad/Gonzales group offered the peakest tennis ever

    Then, the 1981 of Borg/mc Enroe/Connors/Lendl

    Let´s go to top 6.No doubt it is Kramer,Sedgman,Gonzales,Hoad,Rosewall and Trabert in 1958 or 1959.

    1971 was huge too, as was 1979 (Borg,Mc Enroe,Connors,Gerulaitis,Tanner and Vilas)

    Here a choice for top 10 ( no particular order):

    1971: Laver,Newcombe,Rosewall,Ashe,Nastase,Kodes,Smith,Roche,Gimeno and OKker

    Borg,Connors,Ashe,Nastase,Vilas,Orantes,Panatta,ramirez,Dibbs and Rosewall/Laver



    So, it depends on which number you cut it off.
  29. Doug_Hartley_2012

    Doug_Hartley_2012 Rookie

    Feb 20, 2012
    It's no accident that Rosewall and Laver lead the title count. Even allowing for the mix of amateur, pro and open 'Majors, these two guys - more than any other pairing - transcended the challenges of their time and carved out awesome playing careers that just went on and on as they thrived against successive waves of challengers. I think Tilden and Gonzales also rate respectably when you similarly compile their collections of titles. It just helps to put the performances of Sampras and Federer in a bit of context. Tremendous, but just the latest in a procession of champions among champions.
  30. kiki

    kiki Banned

    Feb 17, 2010
    Oh¡ You finally but the Rocket and Muscless in the same line...great¡¡.

    I am heavily pro Rosewall, more so since I saw him play lot of years ago...but, hey, Laver was something...
  31. Dan Lobb

    Dan Lobb Legend

    Oct 31, 2011
    Rosewall was a generous man. He was on his way to Wimbledon in the late 1950's (?) and stopped in California to have a practice match with junior player Dennis Ralston. Ralston overwhelmed the pro.
  32. kiki

    kiki Banned

    Feb 17, 2010
    Not exactly.he never fulfilled his promises...
  33. kiki

    kiki Banned

    Feb 17, 2010
    As I said, and argued seeing both backhands, it is so hard for me to watch the Lvaer/Rosewall rivalry and take part for any of the I posted, it is lie asking who you love more, dad or mom? it is just umpossible.

    Let´s say that, plain and clear, that rivalry may have left some of the most unforgetable memories of tennis history...and, ABMK or TMF asre just too unmatur to understand that tennis is a sport to enjoy, and the talent of both players is well above rackets,heights,shorts,balls and all those things that do not allow them to enjoy tennis.
  34. Dan Lobb

    Dan Lobb Legend

    Oct 31, 2011
    In the early 1970's, Rosewall stopped at a tennis club in Toronto with media present, and played a practice match against the local club pro, a young man who had pushed me off of my university tennis team.
    Rosewall was completely whipped by the young man, who gained a lot of local fame, which helped his career as a club pro greatly. Rosewall was a generous soul.
  35. timnz

    timnz Legend

    Oct 17, 2008
    What is in the discussion as being possible Pro Majors?

    If we started from scratch - what would be in the discussion about being potential Pro Majors?

    Obviously Wembley, French Pro and US Pro

    Wimbledon Pro 1967, Tournament of Champions 1956-1959

    How about Madison Square Garden Pro - 1966, 1967

    How about Forest Hill Pro - mid to late -60's

    Masters Pro Round Robin: 1957-1958

    Australian Pro: 1954, 1957–1958

    U.S Pro hardcourt: 1945

    World Pro Championships in Berlin: 1930's

    Bristol Cup: 1920s

  36. Mustard

    Mustard Talk Tennis Guru

    Nov 12, 2009
    Cwmbran, Wales
    Open majors
    Australian Open (1969-January 1977, December 1977-1985, 1987-Present Day)
    French Open (1968-Present Day)
    Wimbledon (1968-Present Day)
    US Open (1968-Present Day)

    Pro majors
    French Pro (1930-1939, 1956, 1958-1967)
    Wembley Pro (1934-1939, 1949-1953, 1956-1967)
    US Pro (1927-1943, 1945-1967)
    Tournament of Champions (1956-1959)
    Wimbledon Pro (1967)

    Amateur majors
    Australian Championships (1927-1940, 1946-1968 )
    French Championships (1925-1939, 1946-1967)
    Wimbledon (1877-1914, 1919-1939, 1946-1967)
    US Championships (1882-1967)
    World Hard Court Championships (1912-1914, 1920-1923)
    World Covered Court Championships (1913, 1919-1923)
    Australasian Championships (1924-1926)
  37. timnz

    timnz Legend

    Oct 17, 2008
    Yes, but why?

    A good list, but i would like to understand your reasons for your selection of those particular pro majors and not others.
  38. Dan Lobb

    Dan Lobb Legend

    Oct 31, 2011
    There was a major pro tournament at Roland Garros in 1968 (nineteen sixty-eight).
    When any pro tournament was held at Wimbledon (only one), Forest Hills (many, but not always the US Pro), Roland Garros (1956, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1962, 1968 ie. nineteen sixty-eight), Kooyong (1958 (fifty-eight), 1959, 1960, 1962), it should be regarded as a major, simply because these were the major venues for tennis.
    The indoor smokies, Wembley and Stade Coubertin in particular, are often reported in the London Times as building up dense smoke as the matches progressed, and affecting the level of play.
    This is a serious downgrade for the indoors, before the era when good air-conditioning and the smoking bans came into effect.
  39. kiki

    kiki Banned

    Feb 17, 2010
    Their 1972 Dallas match gave tennis an unprecedented lift, specially TV coverage.It certainly marked a new time and this puts it in a class alone.

    It is hard to conceive Laver without Rosewall or Rosewall without Laver.Both had another big generational aussie rival, though:Hoad for Ken and Emerson for Rod.Extremely doggy rivalries, even if Laver vs Rosewall has trascended its own time.
  40. Rock Strongo

    Rock Strongo Legend

    Jan 2, 2010
    I just remembered someone who made a HUGE list about something like every single tournament match BJK had played, and the thread got removed...
  41. ClarkC

    ClarkC Hall of Fame

    Jul 27, 2008
    Charlottesville, VA
    I thought it would be interesting to highlight the years when one player won three of the four majors:

  42. Dan Lobb

    Dan Lobb Legend

    Oct 31, 2011
    I notice that you failed to highlight both 3-winners in 1956.
  43. Mustard

    Mustard Talk Tennis Guru

    Nov 12, 2009
    Cwmbran, Wales
    Uh? Both Hoad and Gonzales in 1956 are there.
  44. Dan Lobb

    Dan Lobb Legend

    Oct 31, 2011
    Sorry, I thought that highlight meant bold type.

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