thomas daniels

If there is one important coaching tip that is not being taught to juniors right now it is this one.

Which is....

teaching players how to win the (In Between Points Inner Battle) and you bet to believe that it is an inner battle with yourself always going on in your mind, as you are playing your matches.

So, here is how you can start winning the inner MENTAL battle.

Right after the point, win or lose, breathe the point away quickly, then take 4 deep breaths and breathe deep down into your stomach and feel the stress leaving your body.

I know I keep saying this, but I want to drive it home.

The feeling is the secret!!

Next, mentally get ready for the next point.

The Mental Matchplay 101 rule is this... "The most important point is always the next point".

Before you play the point, picture what you want to do in your mind, then when the points starts, emotionally detach from the outcome and FLOW with whatever does happen.

This right here.

Is the sercet to executing better in your matches.

Because the more attach you are to the outcome, the worst you will perform!!

Just keep doing this for the whole match and what is going to happen after 4 games is this... You will find yourself playing Flow Tennis.

And you will be playing in an effortless way and winning, while not even trying to and known as Mushin Tennis.

That is how you win the in between points inner battle.

Which should makes sense... to you now.