Winter Practice Regime


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Winter is finally upon us in full force here in San Diego. Cheetah and I had to actually cancel tennis plans today due to the weather. This is likely to last through tomorrow. Given this extended period that our court access will be curtailed, I'm interested in thoughts on what others do to stay in shape and keep their strokes in tune in the off-season.

One could think that there were other motivations for this thread as well, but I'd like to maintain focus on folks' winter training regime.

Have a great Christmas everyone.

mad dog1

Lots and lots of deadlifts, lunges, and core exercises at the gym coupled with running intervals at the track and agility drills with cones.
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Shadow swinging with your racquet at home. All you need is your racquet, and some spackle.

Lance L

In the winter I like to continue with general strength like pushup and pullups, but I really try to do a lot of legs, as you might think. Not only strength like lunges, but jumping and general athleticism stuff.
Here in Halifax it is hard to jog in the winter, so this year I'm trying a novel approach. I do a lot of walking anyway, and this year I'm doing it while wearing a weighted backpack. I'm finding it surprisingly useful and enjoyable. Walking the dog becomes an real workout.


Play hoops. I think with fitness you can do general workouts and such - that's fine. But the competitive love for sport likely won't be there. So finding another sport to keep you motivated is probably the best approach - even if the crossover is not perfect.


Fork tons of money like me and find a dome to play indoors? The downsize is that being hardcourts (as opposed to the summer harthru) you have to be careful about injuries.

Barring that: push-ups, planks, chest expanders, light weights, plyometrics, yoga, recliner bike.


Lol at winter weather in San Diego. Is this post a joke?
Not a joke! We had like four straight days of rain and fairly high wind that kept us off the courts. Tennis players were going stir crazy.

I tried to spend some time lifting weights and did a little running and stretching.