Wise 2086 problems please check video


it turns on correctly but I can not get the desired tension , gripper goes and return correctly .
Please help soon .
Many thanks

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Call Wise and they will tell you to send it back for repair. When they get it checked out they will tell you much much it will cost.
$ 175 for fixing error 1 , it is ok ???
Actually no it is probably not worth it. I'm sure Wise is charging you a reasonable price plus shipping and you have to pay for shipping to them so you're paying a reasonable price plus shipping both ways. Ask then how to fix it and just fix it yourself and you save shipping both way. LOL I'm sure they will tell you how to fix it for a reasonable price.
What did they say when you asked them what "Error #1" was? I have to admit, I was a little peeved once with their service. I sent my 1st Wise in for some service. They sent it back. On my very 1st pull stringing a racket, the string gripper snapped off. I had to send it back again, and was charged for shipping each way. They should have tested it before they returned it. And, as Turbo Bob said, I didn't need a big door stop.
I think Error 1 means the moving part that encompasses the gripper and diablo is not travelling freely along the rail. My series 12 required service that included lubrication.