WISE Not For 360 ?


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While on my search to find the most reliable machine to use a WISE tension head at the lowest cost I have noticed something about the WISE machine in that it doesn't appear to be made for 360 degree rotation. While observing various types of machines I noticed that most machines have their linear gripper at an angle where the string does not enter the gripper parallel to the ground. I took a survey of various brands and you can see both "high-end" and "low-end" stringers have their tension head slightly angled up . Below are the various stringers I looked at...


Then, saw a video of a CP string machine that has a similar tension head of the WISE where the tension head isn't angled and noticed the mounting system appears to bend/move when tension is pulled, which cannot be good for maintaining tension (skip to 2:27).

This leads me to believe that it is made for the string to enter the WISE tension head horizontally from the grommet and not at any kind of angle. Possibly the string machine in the video is just of poor quality and that's why the mounting system moves on tension? Is the diabolo made to fix this issue of the string coming in at an angle? If so, then why have the diabolo on the non-WISE tension heads if they are already angled?


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It also took Herb Wise (the inventor) a while to notice that. People using the Original Wise machines did not have a Diablo on the front and the string would slip in the front of the gripper. Long story short Wise came out with the Diablo and this keeps the position of the string straight going through the gripper. There is still some upward pressure put on the screw drive but for as long as they have lasted I don’t think it is enough to worry around. I would not use the Wise without a Diablo though. Gamma machines have about a 2” rise over the top a the string line through the gripper. Herb came out with the Gamma Extender to raise the Tension head up 2” that though did away with 360 rotation but the pull was then at the level of the string bed. Problem is the loss of 360 rotation meant you always pulled at a side angle in the throat area.

Don’t get me wrong the Wise is a great option but I’d rather have a system designed to work as a single unit even if it means I have to give up that optional tensioner.


The new Wise machine is designed with the diabolo as a one-piece solution. I have a brand new one installed on a 1500 and 360 have degree rotation. (The only time this isn't true is with rackets with very thin throats which lower the mount some. The racket handle will graze the top of the tensioner.) The new Wise design is really good. I've been told on the boards that Wise also fixed the side pull issue. Personally, had I kept my setup, I'd have still used boomerangs when stringing O-ports.