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Discussion in 'Stringing Techniques / Stringing Machines' started by Dimethyl Sulfoxide, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. Dimethyl Sulfoxide

    Dimethyl Sulfoxide Rookie

    Jul 29, 2005
    Hi, I recently asked a question about the Gamma crank stringers vesus their electronic strings. Now I've read a lot about the Wise Tensioner upgrade and that looks pretty cool. So my question is, which is better to get? A $1000 gamma electronic stringer, or a crank string and then upgrading to the wise tension head?

    One feature I really like on the wise tension head is the pre-stretch which the gamma does not have. It is also linear pull so it should be more accurate right?

    Which crank machines have the strongest and most sturdy mounts? Are the mounts on a Progression ST II top notch or do I have to get a better system?

    Lastly, I assume the Wise head is compatible with the gamma crank machines?

    Thanks ahead of time. I realize I asked a lot of questions in here, any answers would be appreciated.
  2. thefossman

    thefossman Rookie

    May 5, 2005
    I would go with a high quality crank stringer and upgrade to the Wise 2048. Herb seems to have put a lot of time and energy into developing and perfecting his product.

    Linear pull isn't automatically more accurate, but the Wise implementation compared to the vast majority of under $1500 electronic machines is generally more accurate and arguably more repeatable.
  3. theace21

    theace21 Hall of Fame

    Feb 25, 2004
    I bought my Wise in March, I have really put it to great use this year. Not one problem. I do use the pre-stretch feature on gut, and love the foot pedal...

    I like the idea of having a crank back-up. I have yet to put the crank back on, but in a emergency, power outage - I still will have that racket ready for the next match...

    You can email Herb Wise and ask him, but I am pretty sure it will fit on all the major companies Ektelon/Prince, Alpha, Gamma
  4. Cruzer

    Cruzer Professional

    Feb 26, 2004
    Leafs Nation
    I have a Gamma ST II to which a recently added a Wise 2086. I have had the Gamma for about five years and it is a very solid machine. The ST II + the Wise 2086 plus shipping is going to come out to about $1,200.00 but I would make the same purchase again if I had it to do over as both the Gamma and the Wise are now working very well for me. Depending on where you buy the Gamma you will also probably get a few tools and several sets of string with the machine.
  5. Gaines Hillix

    Gaines Hillix Hall of Fame

    Feb 11, 2004
    From what I have been able to find out about the tensioning mechanisms on most of the electric machines that sell for around $1,000 US, the Wise head is more accurate(uses dual temperature compensated load cells to detect the tension versus a spring or other less sophisticated method) and easier to use(linear gripper vs rotating). The Silent Partner DG would be worth further research, but it also has a rotating gripper. I've had a Wise 2086 on my Alpha Apex for close to 3 years and have only had one minor problem with the ball bearings in the string gripper, which was easily fixed.

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