With the exception of 2013 the last time Nadal beat Djokovic on a hard court was in 2010


Nadal beat fed at ao 2014
He actually beat Fed this year at RG

And he beat Novak 2 out of 3 times when they met at the US Open.

Seems like he is good enough for a bit more than beating Berrettini. :unsure:
We all know Novak started playing tennis in 2011, so anything before that doesn't really count. Same with Fed in 2012, he got too old after that and was old until 2017 then he got young again.


And he beat Novak 2 out of 3 times when they met at the US Open.

Seems like he is good enough for a bit more than beating Berrettini. :unsure:
Leave alone the fact that Schwartzman and Berrettini played decent tennis while Medvedev played great in the final. One needs to be really butthurt to say Nadal had an easy draw this year. Oh, and let's not forget Federer won his last USO title when his final opponent was Andy Murray, LOL.


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Doesn’t matter, 2013 does count. It’s too easy to count something out to make a player’s results look bad.
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Half of his USO titles were won after beating Djokovic lol.

2017 was a very soft draw though...
Fed is 6-17 at Slams against Djokodal since 2008.
Yes, but FO as an inferior slam doesn't count.

And 2008 doesn't count coz RF had mono.

And RF was too late in changing rackets otherwise he'd have won all 23 matches...

And H2H doesn't count because... it simply doesn't.

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Why are we excluding 2013?
Ah, because Rafa swept Canada-Cincy-US Open, and beat Djokovic at Canada/USO and beat Federer at Cincy.
Reality is not your friend :)
Don't forget to make a thread about Rafa-Djokovic US Open rivalry, excluding 2010 and 2013....


Well it is a great feat by rafa.
Let us be frank about this.
Let us be thankful we have.
Grass goat federer.
Clay court goat rafa.
Hard court goat djokovic.
All at the same time.

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All that success and Djokovic still only leads by TWO in the h2h, pathetic :)
And now Rafa bagels and breadsticks him in the same match.....the first bagel either player has ever had in the rivalry-

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Delpo was fighting for no 2 ranking just a year later...

Everyone knows the Delpo situation. And everyone knows how good he is. And what his real ranking should have been all these years that he was injured.

Well, not everybody...
He's obviously a good player who was climbing back at the time, but he had nothing left in the tank for that semifinal. It's the way it is, not Nadal's fault.

And I wonder what does Delpo winning a Slam 10 years ago have anything to do with difficulty of Nadal's 2017 draw.
What’s harder:

Beat Adrian Mannarino who’s ranked #1 or Novak Djokovic who’s ranked #235?

Sometimes rankings don’t show the real picture, and that’a exactly Del Potro and Anderson case at USO 2017. Both became solid Top 10 players the next season.
Sure, but their rankings certainly weren't anywhere near as deceiving as Mannarino at #1 or Djokovic at #235 would have been. And I wasn't impressed by what those two have shown against Nadal. Compared to the resistance he faced in this year's tournament, 2017 was pretty much a routine. Not a big deal, it happens sometimes when you win as much as Nadal has...

The other poster dragged 2003 Wimbledon into the discussion for a reason only known to him and placed significance on (distant) past career results. He should know by now that Scud and Arod were no pushovers, but I guess he wanted to bait. Wouldn't be the first time. All because I said 2017 USO wasn't a hellish road for Nadal...
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