Women's Draw in Slams should go back to 16 seeds

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by jamesblakefan#1, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. jamesblakefan#1

    jamesblakefan#1 G.O.A.T.

    Oct 17, 2007
    VA Beach
    There simply isn't enough elite depth in women's tennis right now to justify giving 32 women seeds. Going back to 16 seeds would allow for possibly more good matchups earlier on in the tournament, instead of the blowouts we see often now early in tournaments on the women's side, particularly for the top 4 seeds.

    I don't want this to be another 'let's bash the WTA' thread, but I actually think this could be something to help the product instead of boring steamroll snoozefests you already know the result of.
  2. OrangePower

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    Sep 7, 2007
    NorCal Bay Area
    I agree about the sad state of women's tennis right now, but don't see how having 16 seeds would help any.

    You might have an earlier meeting between a top 16 player and a player that would otherwise have been seeded 17-32, but that would probably be just as much of a snoozefest... and then you get even more of a snoozefest in a later round when the seeded player gets to play a nobody instead of the 17-32 seed.

    Best bet is to just not watch the women's matches until the later rounds unless there happens to be a particularly interesting matchup :-(
  3. skip1969

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    Sep 4, 2005
    The Island of Misfit Toys
    i was never for 32 seeds to begin with, for either tour. i just don't see why the #28th ranked player in the world needs to be protected from a tough early round. does anyone really fret when the #32nd seed goes out?

    16 seeds was fine. let everyone else fall where the luck of the draw puts them.
  4. NadalAgassi

    NadalAgassi Guest

    Yes I agree. To get any chances of good early womens matches you need players ranked #17 to #22 to be unseeded. Those are the only players that have sometimes been good enough to give the big names a run for their money and pull the odd upset.
  5. BrooklynNY

    BrooklynNY Hall of Fame

    Sep 9, 2010
    Seriously, I agree. Even for the ATP.
    It just leads to Nadal Triple bageling some guy, because he doesn't have to play anyone remotely near his level until the quarters.

    There is such a disparity of talent/results between the top players and the rest. Its Nadal/Fed in one group, Djoko,Murray, Soderling and then the rest.

    No reason to protect 1/4 of the field.
  6. boredone3456

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    Jun 25, 2007
    Getting rid of the 32 seed system alone won't really solve anything, all those same players will still be in the tournament anyway because of their ranking, so I doubt it will improve the quality of the early matchups any except for the odd instance were number 1 draws number 17 in the first round. I think this was part of the reason a 32 seed system was invented though wasn't it, to keep 2 top 20 players from playing in the first round while 2 not even top fifty players played another 1st round match possibly?

    If we eliminate the 32 seed system we might get treated to 1st and 2nd round matches between players not even in the top 70 depending on how draws pan out and that wouldn't be much more entertaining then what we have now(although that sometimes happens now anyway so again that alone doesn't solve the quality problem). The only way I can see to really try and improve the quality of matches on the womens side is to maybe, maybe reduce the draw from 128 down to 64 again and do the 16 seed system on top of that. But if you did that for the women you would need to do it for the men because no one would stand for the men being allowed to have a bigger field at the slams then the women regardless of a quality argument, and I really don't have a problem with the system as it is now on the ATP side of things.
  7. NadalAgassi

    NadalAgassi Guest

    Matches with 2 women outside the top 70 would have nobody watching except their families, friends, and most loyal fans anyway so who cares.

    The point of having 16 seeds is you would increase the chances of having a few decent matches with a top 16 player and one of the highest non seeds which happened more in the womens draw when there were only 16 seeds.

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