Women's Tennis - Old way vs New Way, preference?

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Which style of women's tennis do you prefer?

  1. The Henin Hardenne way

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  2. The Clijsters way

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  1. laurie

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    Having watched the Roland Garros final intently today, I was disappointed Sveta couldn't do it. However, the reason she couldn't do it was interesting. She matched Henin for talent, but not mental application and discipline. Sveta kept making errors at the wrong moments. In her speech she promised her coach to cut down the unforced errors.

    Henin Hardenne to me represents women's tennis from previous decades, 1990s especially. She has variety, pace, cleverness, athleticism, will to win. In her game there are elements of Graf, Sabatini, Conchita Martinez, Sanchev Vicario. She hardly makes unforced erors for no reason.

    Svetlana on the other hand represents the new way of women's tennis. Lots of winners and lots of unforced errors. She has a great game and will be one of the best over the next five years. If she cuts the errors, she can be number 1.

    What way of tennis do you prefer for the women? The Henin way or the Clijsters way? winners and errors at same proportions, just turning up and see what happens plus no obvious strategy to win.

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