Women's Tennis Sucks


Sorry, but it's true. I've been tortured watching the College Women's Tennis match on ESPN just now. It was the #3 singles for Stanford and UCLA, and not joking, I could have killed either player. They were awful: Slow, unaimed serves, lack of footwork, no depth or pace on their groundstrokes, it was DIGUSTING. I can't believe they receive the same pay as men in the pro leagues. What a joke! I'm better than most women players and I'm 14. If you guys think I'm kidding, you're wrong because I could beat either player easily. Did anyone else see this sh*ty match?

P.S. I'm @#$% Andre is out and wo


sorry: and worried for his career, but he can't be written off just yet, not on the faster surfaces. Who knows, maybe he'll pull a Sampras! ALEX IS NOW THE ONE TO WIN THE FRENCH!
I wouldn't mind it if they were better, but some of the strokes are just so ugly, henin hardenne has nice strokes, mauresmo too, but other than that it's just these big loopy strokes i can't stand it


Oh... so you mean Women's College Tennis sucks.... don't know if that's anything really new (at least if you're expecting it to mirror pro level).

There's just no incentive to go NCAA Tennis for anyone these days unless you think you have no chance as a pro or even challenger, or you are deadset on going to college and might as well take care of the expenses that way (but with a harsh watchdog all over you and your transactions known as the NCAA).

As for women's tennis in general.... I honestly can't stand watching the majority of it despite whatever Johnny Mac says (he said a couple years ago he prefers watching the women over the men or something like that). There are some great matchups in women's tennis, but for the most part, it's absolutely pointless to even have a first week of a major for the women's game it seems... I guess I'm just asking for more depth in the women's field... But I'm sure it'll come in a few years... maybe a couple.

FYI, Amber Liu who plays for Stanford (who was shown on ESPN today) is the girl that was knocked out of the first round by Kim Clijsters at the US Open last year. To her credit, there were a few games where she put up a fight, if I recall.

Amber liu took five games ( something like 2 and 3 ) from Kim at last year's USO. A few weeks earlier Amber lost 1 and 1 to Kim at a smaller U.S. tourney.


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MaSha -

I tuned in late, so I didn't see the whole thing. This year I have watched about 3 or 4 Stanford matches, and can tell you that Erin Burdette is a good player. Didn't look as though she was playing her best on tv, but in person i have been impressed by her game.

but as chanchai mentioned earlier, if a person is playing at the college level, it's b/c realistically, they don't have what it takes to be a top elite player in the pro ranks. of course, a free ride to stanford ain't too shabby, either!