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Mike Bulgakov


"When you do countersurveillance training, one of the things that you are taught is not to **** off your surveillant and make them think you are trying to lose them," Fox said.
"So, if the light turns [yellow], you stop so that they don't get the sense you shot through it with an attempt to lose them," she said.
Handling a tail is not like what most people have read or watched in spy thrillers.
"The way these operations are portrayed on TV and in movies, where someone jumps on a train and loses the surveillant, or they jump between rooftops with their weapon drawn, nothing could be further from the truth and the reality of deployment," she said.
"That would draw a huge amount of attention to the officer, even if they got away that one time. Their cover is then blown," Fox told Insider. "A lot of the training involves being very non-alerting, pretty much just very boring so that we aren't drawing attention to ourselves."