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Splashy player Fabio Fognini has a fairly topsy-turvy match history, but holds the record for committing the most foot faults whilst still winning a match: a grand total of 12, including double-faulting due to consecutive foot faults.
Guga used poly (Luxilon) earlier.

But Kuerten’s Paris story wasn’t just about love; it was also about something much duller, but ultimately more significant to the history of tennis: polyester. Not clothes, but strings. While he slid and smiled his way to victory in 1997, Guga was was wielding a secret weapon inside his Head racquet: Luxilon Original string. This powerful polyester allowed him to swing for pace, and at the same time create the topspin needed to keep the ball in the court. Two decades after the oversize racquet made its debut, tennis’ equipment had, unbeknownst to nearly everyone, taken its next evolutionary step.