"Working with me is a good challenge for any coach; I'm different than the other guys."

Note the similarly moronic takes from the FB commenteers.

Also it's hilarious that this was at the start of the 2004 AO - In hindsight THE worst time for Cash to flame whatever Fed had chosen to do for the foreseeable.


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Wasn't it Cash who called out Federer when he took that MTO in AO17. He has never criticized Nadalovic who started the whole time wasting, MTOs, etc. Looks like Cash is still salty on Federer's comments on him back in 2004.
he just called it what it was....cheating


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It's a good thing he plays in an individual sports, where he hires the coach. In a team sports, he doesn't get to do that!


We got it now, you hate him. Maybe you should try not to think about him all the time?