Workout and Condition or play tennis?

Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by Liv3 For It, Jan 25, 2009.

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    Since the spring tennis season is coming, what is better to do? Workout and Condition myself? or just play tennis? Or should I incorporate both into a weekly schedule?

    I have a friend who locks his tennis racket up for weeks and just conditions himself and then plays tennis to see how much he has improved. Which is better?
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    Conditioning is key when you're preparing for a heavy playing season. But you can't forget that honing your skills is important as well. I don't know how often you can get to a court, but you should lift weights about 2 to 3 times a week depending on your intensity. A full body workout is all you need really. Then you should try and condition everyday with maybe a light day or two for only 20 to 30 mins of light jogging. But you should do all of this after you play.

    It is good that your friend is conditioning but he should still play tennis and practice.
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    You can hit as well as doing track sprints, skipping, footwork drills and resistance cords. I have never been a fan of weights. Depending on your game style you might want to incorporate some into your training.

    The main thing to do is go out with an aim. I'd rather hit for 1.5hrs focusing on a specific rather than 6hr bashing the ball around with no direction. A little attention to say, preparation, ball placement, ball toss etc makes a HUGE different if you are consciously isolate what you want to improve on and work at it.
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    Do both, but IMO more conditioning at this point.

    You will have less time for conditioning/working out during the season, so increase your fitness during the off season and maintain it during the season.

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