workout schedule for those playing 4-5 times/week?


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Kind of a strange predicament.. :confused:

For those of you who play 4 to 5 times a week, what is your workout schedule?

I struggle to set a good schedule as I'm not a early rising person and as I play in the evenings, there is no time left for working out..
Try running sprints as soon as you've finished playing and are still warmed up, as long as you're not exhausted.
Alternate with with weight lifting as soon as you've finished, as long as you're not exhausted.
If you're exhausted from a five set singles match on clay, go home, shower and rest.


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if you play on the weekends you might be able to do footwork/ weight training in the am or pm depending what time you play. alternatively a high intensity interval workout on your non playing days alternated with weight training might work. only problem with that is no recupreative/rest time.
What are your exercise goals?? Are you looking to improve cardio conditioning, improve muscle tone, both???

As for tennis, are you playing singles or doubles?? ..If you play mostly doubles and your workout goal is to improve your cardio conditioning then you'll probably have to give up a night or two if the ONLY free time you have is consumed by tennis. ..Doubles is great fun but it hardly qualifies as taxing exercise. ..I think many who play doubles are convinced that the exercise they are getting is sufficient. ..I would argue that it probably is not.


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My coach incorporates a workout schedule for each day. Yesterday was 125 pushups. Day before was 90 lounges and sprints. As you can imagine, I can't feel anything right now.


if you playing a lot of singles than you are probably getting a great wrokout both aerobicallt and anaerobically as is. However, all you have to do is get up early in the morning for a couple days to workout than it will not be a problem to do that anymore.


If you're going to be lifting on days you play tennis, always lift after you play. Same goes for sprinting, unless you are training to play while exhausted (some coaches think this is helpful occasionally.)

If you're just beginning to lift weights you can probably handle lifting 3 days a week while playing tennis, but after you start progressing more you may have to cut it down to 2x a week, at least while in-season. I'm currently playing about 5 times per week and am lifting three days a week, but I have had trouble with it before. The last time I did it it was far too much for my body to handle (I'm using a full-body lifting program that has about 6 compound lifts a day) but I am trying it again with an increased caloric intake to see if my recovery is good enough. I was able to handle 2x a week fairly easily but it is much more difficult to make strength gains lifting only 2x a week, especially if you have a hectic schedule and might miss a lifting day.

How late are you playing? if you play at a club with a gym you could lift for <1 hour right after playing tennis.