Worse on clay: Dimitrov or Medvedev?

Worse on clay?

  • Medvedev

    Votes: 41 89.1%
  • Dimitrov

    Votes: 5 10.9%

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King No1e

Hot take: Dimitrov is better than Nadal on clay. I mean, Dimitrov took a set off Nadal in Madrid. Has Nadal ever done that? I thought not. Checkmate Nadalistas!


Dimitrov is not a BAD clay court player:unsure: he’s reached QF and SF at 1000 level and a bunch of 3r and 4r at Roland Garros ain’t nothing to sniff at for someone like him who is on paper meant to like faster surfaces.

Ray Mercer

Hall of Fame
The problem with Dimitrov is he has absolutely no weapons and is way too passive. He has no kill shot on the forehand and he has no killer instinct to finish points. He’s way too content to defend. He’s basically a really good mover with a good slice backhand.


Bionic Poster
Med is literally the worst clay player I've seen among elite players (top 5) and I've watched them all since the 1980's. It's beyond belief how terrible Med moves or anticipates on clay. I like him, but otherwise it would be comical. He'll never get to #1 with such dismal clay skills. People here bash Pete on clay? Give me a break. He won Rome, as well as some other clay events and won the Davis Cup in Russia on clay, defeating a reigning FO champion.

Med is WTA level on clay and he's 25. It's pretty shocking, actually. He's worse on clay than Muster was on grass.
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