Worst commentators ever?

Who is the worst commentator ever?

  • Chris Evert

    Votes: 36 32.4%
  • Justin Gimelstob

    Votes: 20 18.0%
  • Martina Navratilova

    Votes: 15 13.5%
  • Pam Shriver

    Votes: 35 31.5%
  • Mary Joe Fernandez

    Votes: 5 4.5%

  • Total voters
^She's still cute.

Hey, have you guys ever tried commentating? It's easy and fun. We could all do WAYYY better than them!

My wife thought I'd be awesome. She recorded me. IT was fun, but really awful. Second time was actually better, but still, I think your worst commentator is better than my best day of commentary. And I've been around the game for over 35 years.
It would be wonderful if we could hear your commentary via you tube ^_^.


dick enberg and chris evert are def the worst.

goodall and koening are the best. anyone who disagrees doesn't know anything about tennis. they actually offer match analysis in detail, which is something that even mcenroe doesn't do.

darren cahill is also very good.


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There is something wrong with pam, she is horrible and one odd chick. Martina is very negative but inciteful. Brad gilbert is the worst! very annoying and has way to many corny1liners. My favorite is Darren Cahill. He is a class act and knows his tennis.


Enberg and Evert are bad.

I love Jasin and Jason and Jasen and Jasan and Robbie though.
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back in the day I always hated Bud Collins but yeah Pam Shriver always turns my gut. Love J Mac... but mostly I hate commentary.

The 2008 Olympics were glorious with their robo cams and no commentary.


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Gotta be Enberg - He must have photos of somebody to keep this gig for sooooo long. The pits of the world he is.
Even a "legends" time comes to an end. Enberg gets embarrassing at times, fawning over his obvious favorites while presenting a match.

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As Dick Enberg would say OH MY, you guys love to criticize. Not only is commentating much more difficult than it sounds, what is good and bad is often quite subjective. Personally, I found the guys on the BBC dreadfully dull, but others can legitimately disagree.
I will listen to Dick Enberg because hearing him brings up memories of other great sporting events he covered. Besides, the color guy is the one who supposed to be adding the in-depth knowledge of the sport, not Dick.
Johnny Mac is generally good. Obviously Agassi would be great, but he won't make the time commitment required..


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cmon guys gimmelstob should have all the votes, he tries so hard to sound smart using big words that he probly just looked up and he just ends up sounding like a tool. and mary carillo is waay more annoying than pam shriver


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Brad Gilbert; "Booyah for Mardy Fish!! The lone yank left in the draw from minnesota is going to the quarters!!!!"
Needless to say, Mr. fFish is going to be promptly getting back on the plane to Minnesota-St Paul after the quarters......unless nadal is hurt......again

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Robbie Koenig. Milks the same lines/script every match. His constant praise of the higher-ranked player and disregard for the lower-ranked is off-putting throughout the course of a match.

GOAT: Brad Gilbert. Could listen to him commentate a toddler match, and it'd still be interesting.

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I got halfway through page one and was agreeing with just about every post before I realized that this thread and most of the posts are from 2011. Eight years on and the commentators mentioned are as bad now as they were then. :sick:


I'd like to watch Gimmelstob give commentary on video replays of his own life.

That would be highly entertaining

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Evert is worst. She is very biased towards Serena. She jinxes every player by making predictions that never happen. Xyz player will win tomorrow and then Boom! Loses. She has to bring up her former hatred for McEnroe while in the bunker commentating with him. Her general demeanor seems extremely snobby and narcissistic.

Shriver and carillo are also bad. Shriver is bad enough to insult Blake while he’s playing and subsequently get yelled at by him.


Imagine if Tony Romo was doing this. He'd probably look at whomever is playing and tell you where they're going to serve, what they should do, etc and likely be right. Of course that would make sense if he actually played tennis for his career. But oh man that'd be a thing of beauty.

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The worst commentator is Jacco Eltingh. Primarily because of his voice and the incessant drivel he says.

(The best are Wayne Ferreira and Robbie Koenig. Ferreira needs to do more - he is totally awesome and says just enough, never more.)


Imagine if Tony Romo was doing this. He'd probably look at whomever is playing and tell you where they're going to serve, what they should do, etc and likely be right. Of course that would make sense if he actually played tennis for his career. But oh man that'd be a thing of beauty.
Loved his call of the Chiefs-Patriots game. It was amazing. The opposite end of the spectrum would be if Joe Buck ever called a tennis match. I think our ears would bleed.


Watching tennis on US television seems to be an "all talk , all the time" to the commentators. If they have a microphone in front of them they seem to think they need to talk nonstop and EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. What they say so and so eating for breakfast, what they saw them wearing in the gym, etc.. One of the best Wimbledon matches I ever watched was from the UK. The commentators only talked a few times between the points. You could actually hear the players mumbling to themselves. The US commentators would never let a moment be silent like that. I usually just mute the television and watch the action instead. I cannot stand their constant yammering.


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They're all so good and insightful and seem to genuinely love the game. Don't understand all the negativity. Some people just complain way too much. Like when your in line and in a hurry and your stuck listening to someone go on incessantly complaining about the delay and it makes your condition that much worse.