Worst Extra duty ball on the market


Fellow tennis enthusiasts. We all know how short the supply of balls is. One might be inclined to find a ball which is marketed/priced
as being a top tier ball, and give it a try. DO NOT DO THIS WITH THE DUNLOP ATP PREMIUM EXTRA DUTY tennis ball.z

1. The ball fluffs immediately. I would say it increased in circumference by 5%, within 10 minutes of play.
2.The ball became abnormally soft, pillows..These were uniquely and drastically different than any other ball I've used over the last 10 years
3. They don't bounce. The ball simply did not bounce. In fact it felt closer to a Red-ball, that is used to train junior beginners.

I use the Wilson US Open XD as the Gold Standard, and the ONLY dimension by which these Dunlop balls were similar was the Price.

I have returned them, but I'd like to save you that process


Before opening the thread, I was thinking of the exact same brand. They make other great products, but their tennis balls have not been good.
I've tried many cans too (5+). It could be a quality control issue.


They fluff up faster for sure. But, does it make them worse - depends on the player. Power players who are prone to errors often like them as they can blast away and not have them fly out. Others lose the ability to hit winners as easily when they fluff up and have to be more patient. So, the patient players sometimes like them too.

I don’t like them. I like ProPenn XD the best - doesn’t fluff up as much as Dunlop ATP, but fluffs up more than Wilson USO. It is the Goldilocks ‘perfect’ weight ball for me.


I like the Pro Penn Marathon balls for durability.

Can't stand regular duty balls b/c the felt wears off too quickly.


For the price, the Dunlop ATP balls definitely don’t match up to the old Penn ATP balls. I got the Dunlops at a discount, so I can’t complain too much, but they are middle tier balls in my experience.
Top tier balls
Penn Tour (formerly Penn ATP)
Wilson US Open
Wilson Trinitis (Longest lasting playable ball imo)

Middle tier
ProPenn (Top of the middle tier)
Wilson Championships
Diadem Premier II
Dunlop ATP

Bottom tier
Wilson Ti Balls
Penn Championships (don’t last a set)