Worst level of play to win a grand slam final

Third Serve

This most recent one comes to mind.

Other "eh" performances: RG 2004 final, AO 2006 final, AO 2018 final, W 2019 final, AO 2020 final.


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Either Thiem 2019 USO or Gaudio 2004 RG...in both cases one choker outchoked another in a borefest of a match! At least in latter case players shown interest, unlike 2019, where one didn't want to win a match, picked up by another...the one, who wanted to win the least - lost...LOL


Thiem imo played tough matches and played good till sf, final was a different thing but till sf thiem seemed like a well deserving grand slam winner


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Absolutely 2004 Roland Garros men's final Gaston Gaudio vs. Guillermo Coria. Though the 5th set tiebreak from this year's U.S. Open's men's final is also a candidate!


Maybe Federer 2018 AO. One of the weakest draws in the history of tennis and would have lost in the final with the roof open to Marin Cilic.