Worst match you've ever seen


Fed vs Gaudio ATP Finals 2005
6-0, 6-0 and Fed wasn't even playing that well. Gaudio was just playing like a 4.0.
That’s what put me off tennis in the TMF days. Fedr was just turning up and winning without even trying, a lot of the time. It was too boring.


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I've watched so many, hard to choose. I guess by worst you mean most boring, because even if it's an UE fest the match can still have a lot of drama and be interesting.

For a Slam (final) - definitely 2014 USO Cilic vs Nishikori. Jesus Christ what a snoozefest, wasn't even bothered to watch the highlights of this since the match happened.


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Monfils vs Djokovic USO 2016. Though I'm sure one of the matches where Coria or Davydenko had the service yips should be mentioned, but I don't remember them that well.
Has there actually ever been a match that literally had no service holds? Imagine 7-6 7-6 with zero holds, anti-bot record lol.
Too bad wta doesn’t have match stats on their site.

check this out, 14 breaks in a 19 game match from 2002 RG(capriati frazier)
There were 11 straight breaks.
And women were probably holding serve at a higher rate In 2002 compared to the 80s.
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