Would Djokovic have more slams if he had never met Pepe Imaz?

Would Djokovic have more slams had he never met Pepe?

  • Yes, the man clearly messed with his head

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  • No, Pepe was harmless

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We don’t see him courtside anymore (or at least not in his human form).
So did this guy cost Nole any slams from FO 2016 to Wimbledon 2018?


Only one more {AO 18} tbh. It’s clear the elbow was the elephant in the room. Had Djokovic immediately gotten surgery like Agassi suggested, still would have been off tour/out of form for most of 2017.

He does the surgery sooner and I think he wins an (extremely weak) 2018 AO with his summer ‘18 form moved up 6 months ahead.

However Pepe is such a clown of a character, a caricature of all the new agey self discovery present in Novak already that it’s fun to ascribe meaning to him. His biggest and most relevant negative contribution was the “natural healing” BS causing Djoko to postpone surgery.


If he is as bright as some members of this forum would like him to be, then Pepe could not influence him like that.

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I think we overestimate the influence of these guys.
If Djokovic was so easily influenced by him and has that character trait, then he would have just gotten waylaid by someone else.