Would I be a monster if I bailed?


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Charleston WV is in the Ohio Valley District. Hosted the Ohio State playoffs a few times. Love driving 300+ miles to the state playoffs. Charleston WV is in the M i d w e s t Section, Sectionals in Indianapolis, home of the Boo-bird, Bad Luck Colts since 1984.
Northern West Virginia is one of the few places where the USTA is willing to cross state lines for more convenient local leagues, with Wheeling WV playing in the same local league as Pittsburgh (in the Middle States section). But then it seems like the USTA didn't know what to do with the rest of the state, so they made the western part be its own local league within the southern Ohio district of Midwe$t, and the rest of the state be its own district in Mid Atlantic (and if I remember correctly, at one point some piece of West Virginia was in the Southern section).


Since you signed up for the team and should be expected to be part of the team, not wanting to pay the hotel and meals really isn't a good excuse if you can afford it, but just prefer not to. If people did that, then there would be no teams in the playoffs able to fill out the lineups.
If you have to take a day off a work trip that you are expected to be on, you maybe shouldn't go to the playoffs. Similarly, if the work-related conference would be helpful in your work and/or good for your career, (vs. just being a time-wasting boondoggle) you should go to that instead of the playoffs. You have to be the judge of it's importance to your work.

Personal inconvenience < Team < Work Expectations < Personal or family necessicty


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Cindy, can't help but wonder if your captain reads this forum.......:laughing:
Like you, I have been a teammate and a captain. When I can, I try to be the teammate that I, as a captain, would want.