Would Nadal have beaten Wawrinka at RG15 final?

Would Nadal have won RG15 if he beat Djokovic?

  • Yes; beats Stan to win

    Votes: 29 48.3%
  • No; Wawrinka beats him

    Votes: 13 21.7%
  • Would lose to Murray SF, not Wawrinka

    Votes: 18 30.0%

  • Total voters


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Hahahaha, the animal which resembles Rafa has now been banned from TT, had to misspell it :laughing:


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I'm struggling to figure out why this even matters and to a lesser extent, what my answer would mean in the greater scheme of tennis (and cosmology as we know it). It seems additionally trivial when Nadal played in that same tournament.

Almost everyone would agree that beating Rafa at RG is the greatest challenge in tennis. Now, the 2015 Rafa may have been his worst single-year version, but does that matter. Novak is still one of only two players to ever beat him there.

Stan and Novak have each entered RG 15 times, and won it once. Stan's overall record is a very good 42-14, and he's made the quarters or higher five times. Novak's overall record at RG is an outstanding 68-14, and he's made the QFs or higher 12 times. Most would say that Novak has been the (much?) better player at RG over the course of their careers. It didn't matter in the finals, and Stan earned it. Period. And it was no shame to lose to that version of Stan.


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Would he have even defeated Murray in the SF?

Untestable question, thus no answer will be valid anyway.

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No fandom bias here, because I'm pretty sure RG15 hurts for every fan. Nadal's 5-peat ends, Djokovic misses CGS, Federer gets rolled by his pigeon.

If Nadal had beaten Djokovic again in 2015, would he have been the champion? How likely would it have been that Stan's game works as well against RG Nadal as it did against Djokovic?
Wawrinka favs would be happy with the result, no?