Would this year's US Open be the most competitive then previous years


The way it is looking so far both Djokovic, Federer and Nadal are both pretty healthy this year so therefore there is possible chance they have reserves left in the tank for the largest and last grand slam of the year the US Open. This year is proving to be the most competitive going into the Open in recent years cause both of the Big Three are looking to make history and chase records. They both can't afford to withdraw from a tournament Fed is at 20, he is feeling the pressure to win another as the the window is closing year by year for the many chance he has left. Rafa is closing in with 18 and if he wins he will be at 19 GS, he has done well at US Open so therefore his confidence should be boosted coming in to the US Open. Djkovic can close in winning 17 GS and winning the US Open will give him more confidence going into the new year on hard courts.

Then there is next generation, we are itching for that new champion or new star and the US Open is the best chance to win it.


Hard court is the most competitive surface I would say, so I'm expecting #diamondAge to play up to their seedings at least. I don't think we're going to see all of the big three in the semis again. My guess is one of or both Fedr/Nadal don't make it that deep.

Hopefully the court isn't playing super slow though.