Would you be comfortable with co-ed play in a flex league?


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I play in a couple of men's singles leagues at my club, and at times we've had difficulty getting enough guys to sign up. I've advocated inviting 4.0-4.5 women, I personally have no problem potentially losing to a woman, although I'm in the minority.


When I was about 15 or 16 years old, I was starting to become more serious about tennis. I wasn't good enough to play with the top junior boys at my club, who were nationally or state ranked. I ended up regularly hitting with a nationally-ranked 12 year old girl. Between her and the 65+ retired guys who could beat up on me, I learned never to worry about who I was losing to.

A couple of years ago, my most regular hitting partner was a female former college player. I don't think I ever beat her in a match, but I usually would beat high 4.5 guys who could beat her. My game is based on my serve and she returned serve so well, it was hard to get much advantage from it. Thinking you are going to overpower a woman might not necessarily be true.