Wright and Ditson: The Hub (is this a refin?)


Could some of you real classic frame aficionados out there check out item #360329093002 on e-bay?

It's a Wright and Ditson The Hub. I don't think I've seen one with such a shiny varnish after so many years. All the ones I've seen seem to have an aged patina on them. The top of the head seems barely scraped.... Plus the pained "The Hub" is really bright and sharp.....

The gut string looks old and broken at at the throat and it still has trebling at the top......


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I have one of these myself, though mine is a slightly older version that this. The one you've shown has clearly been cleaned up and revarnished. No way would it look like this otherwise.
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Thanks Virginia.

That's what I thought. Those frames are 100 years old. The varnish they used was thin and by now it's either worn off or really absorbed into the wood.

I would have to say that the frame was really nice. It shows very little wear (i.e. chips, condition of the handle, and wear off the top of the head).