wrist pain from pro staff 95 16x19

starting to have some wrist pain (right/dominant) from playing the 2014 pro staff 95 16x19. anyone experience that before? will blade 98 cv 16x19 make it worse? I am on the wait list and is unable to demo it.

strings I use are hyper g at 48-50 lbs.


change your strings. If your using a full bed of poly its probably too tight. Either drop the tension or switch to a hybrid setup and adding a syn gut/natural gut or multi of your choice.

Had the same issue on my 95S a few years ago and once I switched to a hybrid I havent looked back


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Actually it is the ball...
The more misses you have, the less pain you will receive.
Hopefully you play doubles, play the net...and let them go right by. Move the frame a bit, so your partner does not get mad.

Although that will help.
Like they said about but I have more add.
Video yourself if possible.
Number one cause is form.
It is usually never just one thing..
could be a combo out issues..
form, not using your shoulders (kinetic turn) - just arming it, strings, tension, overplaying, no stretching, no post recovery, and more..
it's wierd how I didn't experience any pain playing with the dr98 in the same set up. I'll take all your advices into consideration.


Time to ditch the hyper G and go multi for a while, maybe X 1 Biphase or Solinco Vanquish.
Also try PK Q Tour, Volkl C10 Pro, Yonex Duel G 330 to see if that will help. Also there is too much wrist bring used in today's game. Wrist injuries now account for the most common injuries suffered by tennis players around the world. Time for a re-think in which direction we all want to go.