wrist pain: suggestions?

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    Apr 11, 2004
    hi, i recently leaded up my Ps 6.0 95 up 12 grams in the head. i do not have a balance, so i do not know the swingweight or whatever. i equally distributed the lead tape at the 2, 4, 8, and 10 positions. i used to only put all 12 grams at the 2 and 10 positions, but a pro told me to put it also at 4 and 8, so that it what i did.

    my shots are feeling better than ever. some balls go long, but thats fine, i strung my racquet at 56, so i just need to increase that tension. but i do have wrist pain now that i never had before. now, on my one handed backhand, i am able to plow through with excellent pace and control, but i am paying for this great performance increase with wrist pain. it is towards the lower part of my arm, on the side of my pinky. my wrist hurts ALOT when i move it towards my pinky. i use an eastern/semi-western (somewhere in between) fh grip and have a varying contact point, depending on the time i get to prepare. when playing, my wrist started to hurt on my forehands (when i laid back my wrist, it hurts alot and on the followthru, during pronation). my backhands started to hurt also because of the extra weight and stress put on my wrist because of the weight of the racquet now. my shots feel comfortable as ever, but my wrist is paying the price.

    so i was going to experiment keeping only 6 grams at 2 and 10 and taking off the rest. i use babolat lead tape and i cut the strips in half to fit the 20mm beam width of my racquet.

    btw, my wrist keeps on popping ALOT now. my wrist never used to pop before, but they are popping like crazy now. please help me solve this.

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