WTA 1000 - 2022 Western & Southern Open (Cincinnati, OH)


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Open Stance

According to my iPhone

90% chance at 7 PM
60% chance at 8 PM
30% chance at 9 PM
No rain after that

Could be a late night


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I won't attempt to categorize GarCIA. but I will say this about her:

- she has a buttery smooth, clean game.
- she has more than enough power off both sides
- she has a very decent, reliable serve
- she has excellent court smarts
- she has great point construction ability
- she has great tennis instincts
- she is unemotional on court (drama-free)
- she is grunt-free
- she has enough game to take down the top players on tour

And I'm not even a fan of hers!

Let me be clear. I am not trying to promote her as the second-coming. :)

I am just trying to explain why she has the ability to do well, and is doing well now.

That's all. Now stop beating my fave WTA players GarCIA !!!
Admit it Mark, you said all that because she’s cuter and is French. :-D:-D:love:


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I could've sworn I saw Martina Navratilova in the front row just behind Caro as she was serving...

edit: That is her... just above the shot clock. They zoomed in on her.


Time for a meme:


Alors, bonjour Monsieur Caroline!


Admit it Mark, you said all that because she’s cuter and is French. :-D:-D:love:
You read me wrong!
Actually one of the main reasons I don't cheer for her usually (this time yes) is that I
don't find her 'cuter' than a bunch of other players. :)

Physically I find Sabalenka more appealing but so much of her game and emotion just
turns me off.

I'm really happy GarCIA won!
My first prediction here worked like a charm. :)
(Prediction for a match. I did call Andreescu as a potential great, months before she won her slam).


I expect a similar match to yesterday's Sabalenka match.
The difference today being Kvitova will be
tougher, having a more consistent serve and consistent
ground strokes.
She is not a great mover laterally and so GarCIA should try to move her side-to-side as well as drop shot her.
May the better player today win!


Kvitova's ability to hit on the run is atrocious. If it wasn't bc I'm a fan of hers, I'd be unable to watch this match... it's so boring.


Parry, Petkovic, Martic, Sakkari, Mertens, Pegula, Sabalenka and Kvitova. 8 matches and not a single player can be considered a walkover. Good stuff from Garcia. 7 days to rest. Hope she doesn't stink it up in the early rounds at the USO.


150,000 fans came through gate for cincy this week. One of the most successful tournaments in the world. What’s in the stands for matches means little.